Racing Workshop

Everything about the Racing Workshop is designed to give you in-depth learning about trading pre-race markets. You will learn how they operate, what influences them and why, most importantly, you’ll learn how you can profit from them.


The Village Hotel, Coventry

One of the areas premier hotels and usually very reasonable room rates for the night before our Workshops, we have a social evening on the night before where you can meet up with me and usually many of the others attending and usually, a few guys from the existing community turn up of a drink with us too. I have a discount code for the hotel that will give you 20% off if you stay.

What will you learn?

To begin with, you need the foundations every successful trader has; we’ll walk you through exactly what’s necessary for:

  • Good bank management
  • The ideal trading set up
  • The importance of good discipline
  • Effective staking

What’s next?

In the next phase, you’ll explore the trading screen, learning to identify significant areas and aspects you must pay close attention to, all helping you understand the shape of a market. These are the building blocks of pre-race trading which I will go over continuously to ensure you have a full understanding of what these are and what they mean. From learning these elements and signals the course moves to the next phase…

Formulating your trading plan

All the signals and pointers lead to helping you answer the next set of crucial questions; where is your entry point? Where is your exit point? What is the likelihood of success in this trade? What can impact your trade, good or bad?

Super signals

The penultimate part of the day concentrates on learning about what I refer to as “Super Signals”. These are events in the market that force significant odds movement. Again, you will learn and understand what these signals are, how to spot them, what they mean and why they deliver such great opportunities again and again.


The day concludes with Q & A. Because I goes over all content in such detail and because questions are actively encouraged from the very beginning, there are rarely any questions at this point. The intention has always been (and always will be) that the workshops are highly interactive.


Do not be under the illusion you can turn up to the workshop and leave as the finished article – this is very naïve. It takes patience, an open mind and a great deal of commitment to achieve trading success.

The workshop will lay some very solid foundations and provide you with the knowledge to put you on the correct path. Coupled with the structure and a plan you learn on the day and, provided you take time to practice, you will give yourself every chance of achieving success in pre-race trading.

After you complete the course, you will receive an 8GB download link that has a huge volume of videos of races being traded. These videos are a much higher level than the ones you see on the YouTube channel. In each video, I walk you through exactly what’s being done and why.

From April 2019 I have changed the existing format to try to offer even better value for money and to increase the chances of your success. Included in the price of the Workshop will be ANOTHER 20+ GB of material. traded races, Q&A sessions, new strategies, daily reviews, stand-alone masterclasses going over the key learnings from the Workshop. plus much more. Will keep you busy for days on end, plus a treasure trove of reminders and confirmation of the new skills you will be learning.

ON TOP of that I am going to give you access to my Skype community for 2 Months. let me say that 2 Months will fly by, and to get the best from the Workshop and extra help on offer, you may need longer. But it’s a good starting point to see if this is of value to you. Once the 2 months is up you can subscribe for just £25 per Month. Members get access to all new material, much of which is not public. Plus a bi weekly Q & A session.

MG Racing Workshops are £325 – Obviously there is an increase from my previous price. But you will be getting the most competitive price I have ever offered if you take into account what’s on offer. the reason I have made this change is because I feel that to give you the very best chance of success I need to give you access to everything I have from day 1. Most of my workshop attendees upgraded anyway. This just makes it easier and cheaper for you.

Do not be fooled by the competitive price, you will come away with no doubts about what is needed to become a successful pre-race trader. The workshop is in no way ambiguous, there is no BS. Just honest, professional advice delivered in an informal and fun way.

2019 Workshops and payment options

May 27th (Spring Bank Holiday) 2019SOLD OUT

July 15th 2019

You can book a place by using the PayPal buttons. Please ensure you close the correct date from the drop-down menu.

To help with the cost I am happy to offer payment terms. This may be you want to pay a (£50) deposit and the balance nearer the Workshop. As long as the FULL Balance has been paid 30 days prior to the Workshop, I am happy to accommodate you. If you want to take this option, please do not use the PayPal buttons, just contact me directly at

These Workshops usually sell out a Month in advance, places are sought after. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

To book a place please use the PayPal link. If you have not received a booking confirmation email with 24 hours please email me directly at



If you book and want to stay at the venue hotel, I can provide you with a 20% discount code. as with all hotels, the sooner you book the cheaper it is.

122 thoughts on “Racing Workshop

  1. Hi Steve, your workshops are a great idea, unfortunately I live in Cyprus so getting there would be a problem but not out of reach. I was wondering if you have considered an online version of your workshop, where you could send traders like myself the content that you would sent the traders that attend your workshop. I would really like to get involved with this market.
    I normally trade tennis and football but have been betting on horses prior to trading so I know a little about markets, your workshop would be fantastic for me but as I said, it may be difficult for me to attend.
    Please advise if it is possible to send traders the content of your workshop.

    Best regards,

    • Hi Geoff, Thanks for your comment. I am now working on a couple of things in tandem with my Racing Workshop. One of those things is to deliver something for guys such as yourself. To do this properly is incredibly time consuming. Just sending out a load of videos will not cut it. I am hoping to have some news after Christmas and to launch something soon after. Please keep watching for news. Cheers Steve

  2. hello Steve.
    I have been following you on twitter and like to learn more about horse trading but i am from Portugal and i have some difficulties as Geoff and Mark. If an alternative as an online webinar or a recorded session of the racing workshop would came up on the horizon I would be interested.

    Best Regards,
    Rui Moreira

    • Thanks for your comment Rui. I have added your email to my list and will be in touch when I have some more news. It won’t be a recorded session of the workshop. It needs to stand alone and will be top quality. Cheers Steve

        • Hi Rui,
          It’s slow progress. There is a huge amount to do and I want it to be top quality. So not rushing it. Will let you know as soon at it’s close to ready. I realise that there is a group of you guys that are keen to get involved. I promise it will be worth the wait. Cheers Steve

          • Hi Steve, I hope all is well through the lands of Coventry.
            Is there any news about the online project?
            Another question, will this project be the same as a normal racing workshop? What is more interesting, face-to-face or online?
            This is because I am trying to book a vacation and this way I could go to London and make a short visit to Coventry for your workshop…
            What’s your opinion?
            Is Coventry beautiful in January?
            Cheers Rui

  3. Hi Steve.

    I am more oriented football but I’ve juste discover your great blog and I am eating all your vids about pre race horses. Your in play words explains a lot of things to consider. I am very very interested too by something you could do for guys living outside Uk (I am from Belgium)

    Keep the good work and the good mood



  4. Hi Steve. I have been following you for a long time. I am from Croatia and have pretty same problems like guys above so will be very very interested if you could do something for us.
    Keep up good work and please add me to your list.

    Kind regards,


  5. Dear Steve,

    Can you please kindly add my email to your list for the online course, as for me too it is extremely difficult to attend a workshop in Coventry. When do you think that this will this be available please?

    Thank you, Simon

    • Hi Simon. I am literally working on it every spare minute I have.But it has to be right, and of the highest quality. I hope to have some news by the end of February.
      Thanks for your interest. I have added you to my mailing list. Cheers Steve

  6. Hi Steve, late message but just getting back to you about the January workshop i attended. Fantastic thats an understatement, I have been recommending them to all I can and I am pleased to say with what I learned on the day not forgetting the time you you take with all the students on the night prior to the workshop in the bar, things are really coming together. I was able to draw my first real weeks pay £879 from my Betfair account. It was a life changing moment and can only be attributed to you and the workshops and the time you take with us all, i’ll send you a screen shot on skype, thanks mate look forward to catching up soon

    • Nev, Absolutely incredible result. It really bodes well for the future if you can maintain the consistency. This sort of feedback is the reason I do this. Made up. Cheers Steve

  7. Hi Steve

    I think an online version of your workshop would be a fantastic idea. Please add me to your mailing list.


  8. Hey Steve,

    Keeping an eye out for a date I can actually make. Looking forward to whenever it is I can get myself down 🙂 Will you be announcing further dates on Twitter/Email etc?



    • Hi Laurence, I have dates pencilled in for 26th Sept and 21st November as well as the 2 dates I have already have (May and July). I always add my dates onto this page, I rarely advertise them as they always get booked up relatively quickly. I am too cheap!!!!! 🙂 I am happy to pencil you in prior to conformation if that helps. Cheers

  9. Hi Steve

    I am looking for any dates in November for a workshop.Could you let me know if you arrange any?

    Thank you

    Dave Hill

    • Hi Dave, The November date will be the 21st November (Monday). It is booked at the hotel, but as yet I haven’t made it public. Let me know if you want me to pencil you in Dave. Cheers

  10. Hello Steve,

    Very much interested in the online course. Please add me to the waiting list. Is the online course expected to include the same information you share with those participating in the live workshop?



    • Ver much so. The online course has hit a dead end for now. It’s taking way, way too much time. But hope to get it done eventually – cheers

  11. Hi Steve,

    I also live in Ireland and would be interested in an online workshop, could you add me to your email list for updates?

    cheers !

  12. Hi Steve… struggling to read the pre race horse markets and when to enter and exit…I`ll maybe make 3 or 4 ticks profit then a trade will run right through me……would your trading masterclasses sort me out and point in the right direction

  13. Ok thanks for replying I’m definately interested also I notice you are doing an online version as well…can you add me please

  14. Hello.

    Can I ask what sort of level of people these workshops are aimed at. I imagine you would have a different mix of experiences in a typical group ? So presumably you would need to know the basics of betting (i.e. backing and laying) and some idea of software to use. Any requirement to have any experience of horse trading previously ?


    • I aim the workshop at a broad range of experience. What I am showing you is the mechanics of a pre race market and how to trade it. Now in my mind you either know this or you don’t. So having some experience doesn’t matter too much here. What is important is you understand the concept of backing and laying and locking in a profit/loss before the race starts. We are trading number essentially, so although knowing about Racing (NOT FORM) will help, but you will pick this up quickly as you go along.
      I always show how to set up the software and include videos with my settings should you wish to replicate them.
      I get asked about trading live races a lot. What I am doing is breaking down a race to it’s bare form and showing exactly what is required to identify an entry and an exit point. I have a set of races to go though (upwards of 25). I can pause, answer questions, point out signals and dangers. Doing this live is not possible to the level required. You will learn nothing from me trading live, apart from me showing off. The way I present my Workshop works really well. What I give you is structure and a plan.
      Hope this answers your questions Cheers Steve

  15. Also forgot to ask.
    Is the course done on live races run on the day of the course ?
    Or is it more theoretical and going thru procedures.


    • AB….I think what Steve does going by his above comments is show you races he has previously traded and tells you why he traded them, I might be wrong though

      • It would be impossible for him to trade live races and show everyone how to enter and exit and also answer peoples questions I think

  16. Hi Steve,
    Interested in next year’s possible training days and any online training programmes that you appear to be working on. Please add me to your list of interested individuals…cheers

  17. Hi Steve, I live in Thailand so it would be way to difficult for me to attend. If you do get round to an on line course please notify me.


  18. If attending your class, will i need to have any particular betting software installed on my laptop, or in fact do i need to bring a laptop, sorry if answer is on your blog, couldn’t find it, great blog by the way.

    • Hi John. No, you don’t need to bring anything at all. You will need software afterwards once you start to trade, but that is your choice. Cheers Steve

    • I would say yes Simon. As long as you understand the concept of the exchanges and that you lock in your profit or loss before the race starts.I explain everything very clearly and have videos that show you exactly how to set up your software. Places for November going quickly so don’t leave it too long if you would like to book up. cheers Steve

  19. Hi Steve great van of your vids any chance of you coming to ireland for a holiday and doing a work shop here if you could get enough interest ☺☺.have you given up on the online course or you still working on it.cheers alan

  20. Hi Steve . I’ve got a group of friends who are atending your course on the 27th. Is there an avaiable spot for one more?

    Thank you

  21. Hi Steve, I would also like to find out more by way of an online workshop, I’m up in Scotland and don’t have many babysitting options for my little boy. So online would be ideal. Your YouTube video on greening up was the first that actually made sense. I have a silly question though. Can I ask why your screen stated on the bet slip “singles” where as mine states “win only market”?

    Lol be kind I’m new to this.

    Thanks again

    • Hi Cass, The online Corse runs into more and more obstacles. It’s on the back burner I’m afraid.
      The best way to green up is use some software. It makes everything so much easier. Try Gruss for 30 days free and then £6 a Month. It will change everything if you don’t use any 3rd party software.
      The reason it says “singles” is the video you watched (saw you You Tube comment) 🙂 is 4 years old. Betfair have changed their whole interface now.
      Cheers Steve

  22. Well I finally attended Steve’s course on Monday 24 July and I am so glad I did. He is a knowledgeable and inspiring figure. He gives you confidence and persuades you that yes I can be a success however much of a mess you might have made of your trading career thus far.

    I wish I had attended this course much earlier and had not wasted money on other offerings which were more expensive and spent too much time saying very little.

    If you are having any doubts about attending his course, throw them to one side – you will not regret it. If you genuinely want to be more successful with your trading then I am convinced Steve is the man to set you on the right path. There is a sincerity there which impressed me. I am now looking forward to putting into practice what we went through on the day and also joining the mentoring group.

  23. Hi Steve
    I wrote to you last July complimenting you on your vids and general help. I doubt if you remember me, (you must have loads of blokes telling you what a brilliant inspiration you are) Anyway Mate, you are, and i definitely will attend one of your Coventry day courses. I’m in the process of moving house at the moment and it’s eating up my time, but as soon as i get sorted i’l like to book a place on your next course, (Not Jan 18 the one after it..) any idea when it will be? If you get a moment to respond..

    • hi Rich, Thanks for the kind words. Planning last Monday in March as a possible datye. Will let you know when thats 100%. Cheers Steve

  24. Hi Steve,
    I am considering booking a place on your workshop. I attended the bet Angel workshop last year but I am still struggling somewhat. Do you think this could help?

    • Hi Paul, Thanks for your interest. The nest Workshop after March is pencilled in for Monday 21st May. I will email you with confirmation when I have it booked. Cheers

    • Hi Jack, Remarkably yes!, We have 6 or 7 spaces left as we speak.we would love to see you. Please book via the Paypal link on this page. Cheers Steve & Jon

  25. What time does the workshop typically start and conclude? I’m just trying to figure out logistics of driving up on the day and getting back in time for other commitments etc Thanks

    • Hi Dan, We start at 9:00 am prompt and usually get finished by around 5:15ppm. A great part of the event is the Sunday night social, as we speak you can get a room at the hotel the night before for £49 and the Monday night too for £62 ( a special offer). It gives you options. Hope to see you later in Month. Cheers Steve

  26. Hi Steve & Jon,

    I’d also be very interested in any online course you guys put together. Please add my email to your list.

    Many thanks,

  27. Hi there,
    Any news of an online course?
    Does your workshop come with pdf to take away? Coventry
    is a bit of a trek for non drivers from where I live

    • Hi Ann, We are working on an online version of the Workshop, hopefully ready by the back end of summer. The Workshop attendees have 16 GB of extra high-level races and lots of other helpful videos. If you join the Mastermind Program, which is highly recommended if you seriously want to learn how to trade to the highest level, you get even more. It’s worth a look at the MM page.
      The venue is actually 300m from a mainline railway station. We get people come from all over the world to attend.
      Cheers Steve

  28. Have been trading solely using Betfair interface with some success, albeit always jumping out too early, or in too late thus limiting profits. Will I be able to use your course and still trade using Betfair only better?

    Will eventually get a pc and software but that will have to wait for now

    • Hi Ann, Trading using the Betfair interface is impossible. All the information that gives you the triggers you need is only found in the 3rd Party apps. These are very cheap and the small Monthly charge can be made back in a couple of good trades. If you have no PC or Laptop and are trading from a phone, frankly you are wasting your time attending a Workshop. What I always say to my students is “This isn’t a game, trading isn’t some relaxing hobby. It is intense and if you take it seriously and get it right, then you can potentially make life-changing profits. But it isn’t easy and needs commitment and discipline”.
      I would strongly recommend getting a PC and a 3rd Party App before you attempt any sort of Pre-race Horse Racing trading. Cheers Steve

    • Hi Janne – So sorry we missed this comment. I have made a preliminary booking at the venue for 30th July. I am amending the bookings page later so you can book – cheers Steve & Jon

    • nothing concret yet, but the date will be 30th July once I book the hotel. As soon as I have done this I will put the payment link in on the bookings page. we email you too once confirmed – cheers Steve

  29. Hi Steve,

    I have been reading through your form and are very interested and impressed with your work. Your frame of mind and commitment to make sure you know what the outcome will be no matter which way the bet goes is amazing!

    Unfortunately I live in Scotland and can not afford to travel to Coventry for one of your workshops. Is there any online workshops or 1 on 1 guides that you can offer to someone like myself?

    Sorry if you have covered this somewhere in your form but its pretty huge and could take a while to find.



    • Hi Sean, I am trying to put something together, but I have not found it to be very straightforward. Selling a digital product online is not easy believe it or not.

    • Hi Ben,
      This is something I haven’t done. The reason being I am very busy. So to deliver a workshops content to one person means I would have to charge an amount I am not really comfortable with.
      If you want to discuss this further please email me at

  30. Hi Steve I was thinking of doing your coventry course in feb with the betfair day but hotel is as much as the course did you have a promo code?

    • Hi Malcolm, There are a couple of options. Some hotels close by and a taxi if the Village are asking silly money. There are 2 premier inns not too far away. I do have a 20% discount code if that’s any good. I don’t want to post it on an open forum, but if you email me I am happy to share it. Are you coming to the Betfair event on Saturday too? If so email me. I have an offer to put to you. Cheers Steve btw my email is

    • Hi Ben, As we stand. No.
      I have been saying for a while I am coming to the end of this part of my journey. I’m sure at some point I will be doing the odd workshop. But the structure as it is now (ie 1 every other Month) is pretty much at an end.
      They will be as and when. Hope to see you on one at some point.

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