Over 15 years ago I stumbled upon a website called Betfair.com. I was fascinated by how you could create profit without the event even starting. I knew instantly that I had to work out its secrets and start making my betting pay. Like many of you that find yourselves here. We all want to win. The truth is not many of us do.

It didn’t happen overnight, but slowly I turned my losses into profits. When the higher rate Premium Charge was introduced it made things very very difficult, though not impossible. Whenever I discuss with ordinary “punters” some of the ways I make money, their look of disbelief of what is possible amuses me. It occurred to me that over the years I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge, about sport, and the way betting markets function, and about myself.

This blog is my window into the world. I will use it to discuss, educate and hopefully help more make money from betting.

I am quite well known (embarrassing) within the Betfair Trading Community. I have helped Betfair promote vendor apps during a campaign in 2014. My latest project is working with Betfair, Caan Berry and Mark Iverson to bring an and educational and social event to life.

In early 2014 I started to build what is now known with industry circles as one of the very best Betfair Trading education packages. This is not me blowing my own trumpet. It’s my customers. My testimonials page will tell you what I am about. I continue to strive to give the very best trading education packages in the market.

Disclaimer: I do not have all the answers. If you follow any of my advice please understand that you can and will on occasions lose money. If you cannot afford to lose I suggest gambling is not something you should become involved in.

Copyright Notice: ©

If any of this blog is copied or published without my consent I will take legal action against you. Just ask.

I want to talk about Gambling and the issues and stigma that surround it.

Gambling is highly addictive; it’s easy to be sucked into situations that cost money, relationships and friends.

Within my Workshop and Community, we do our best to help you make money and support you when things are not going so well.

Please bear the following in mind

  • Avoid chasing losses.
  • Only gamble what you can afford to lose.
  • Don’t let gambling interfere with your daily responsibilities.
  • Know your limits and be clear about them before you start to gamble. When you reach these limits, be it the time or money you spend gambling, stop.

If things start to get out of control, ask for help. There is a lot out there.

The site https://www.begambleaware.org/ is a great resource.

You are not alone

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  1. I follow your comments on Bet Angel with interest and have just discovered your blog which i look forward to with anticipation. I assume the longer term goal is to offer some kind of subscription service which seeing as the advice would be offered by a proven winner over many years is something i would be interested in.

    The actual reason for this first comment is that unless you were shaving at the time you discovered Betfair you may wish to change the first line above to ” stumbled ” rather than ” stubbled “

    • Glad you stopped by and thanks for your comment. I don’t really have any plans for a subscription service, but haven’t ruled it out in the very long term. What I am more interested in is education and mentoring.
      I want to show whats possible with a bit of discipline and well thought out ideas. A sort of trading masterclass.
      Appreciate the spelling spot. Spellchecker kills me!

      • I am looking at sports trading as a possible future for myself as my personal circumstances may allow it in the not to distant future with a 6-12 month kind of ” no financial pressure ” situation to see if i can get it to work. I am at the stage where i have eliminated losses but am struggling to generate any meaningful consistent profits. What i am looking for is some help from someone that pays the Betfair premium charges ( ie a proven winner ).

        I’ll be going on the Peter Web masterclass sometime soon but thats only 1 day and i am looking for some 1-1 direct help but don’t really want to pay the very steep daily charges that Bet Angel charge for this service but i am of course willing to pay for this. I was thinking via Skype or email or actual hourly sessions depending where you are.

        Is this something that you do ? or something that you would consider doing ? or do you know anyone else that pays the premium charge that would offer that kind of thing ?

        • In the long term this is my aim. I am looking to mentor a few committed individuals and hopefully take them to pro status. However, this is a long a tough road. before I do that I need to get some more structure into how I may achieve it. In the mean time I would be happy to help you on this journey through the blog.

          • Thank you. You have my email address so i would appreciate it if and when the time comes that you would consider me as a ” pupil ” in whatever format you choose to make any tuition available.

  2. I just found your blog through Twitter. Excellent and profitable trade today, will be following you religiosuly from now on! Looks like an excellent blog, and any help I can get with my journey into trading is much appreciated.

    I would like to echo what the earlier posting said. I’m keen to find someone who can help me with some 1-2-1 mentoring, so I’d be grateful if you could add me to your shortlist in case you decide to give that a try at a later date !

    Cheers, Paul

  3. Mugs!!! How are you sir…Hope your well.Great blog ,came across the link when reading some of your old posts.Strange could tell early doors that you were ok ,and somebody who gives something back!! What goes arround comes…
    I have had a sabatical recently and a break from the forum ,however im back full time now ,trading using graphs mainly preoff of course.I know in the past you have used the graphs to trade and im tweeking things just now ,could do with a little advice with regard to intervals on the moving averages…Would be great to hear from you.Keep up the good work ..ill be following you daily …



  4. Great work and very interesting. I’m fascinated by all of this and you’re presenting it very nicely indeed. I too would be more than happy to be mentored by you if you’re looking for pupils…

    • Thanks Aly. It is something I have considered, and at a later date it may be a real possibility. At the moment I need to get more content and structure before I take on the responsibility of a Mentee (is that a word??? lol)

  5. Hi there,

    Just found your site and think it is brilliant and best of all it is honest – ie you show losing videos as well as winning!

    I had just got to the stage of being able to trade relatively competently in the 5 or so minutes before the off when I experienced the Betfair site crash just before Cheltenham which cost me several hundred Pounds. I was absolutely gutted and broke the Golden rule chasing the loss and lost even more so I self excluded myself from Betfair for 6 months!

    Sorry about my ramble above but looking at your site and videos has inspired me to use the 6 months self exclusion to follow your videos and come back stronger and better – shame I’ll miss all the quality summer meetings! : (

    Thanks for a great site and some inspirational videos.


    • That’s cruel Mick. I lost a few quid too mate. It’s part of the game I’m afraid. Hopefully in 6 months Betdaq will have got their act together. They are a decent API away from glory imho. Really appreciate your comments. It’s all real here, it’s the only way to be. people can spot a fake a mile off, my integrity is very important to this project. If you don’t believe what I saw there is no point in trying to educate. Great to have you onboard. make sure you sign up to the inside track letter. It will give you stuff not on the blog. Cheers MG

  6. Without wishing to sound like I am blowing smoke up the old proverbial. What a great service you supply, I am a relative newbie to betfair, and have tried to do as much research as i can via the interweb, and without doubt yours is the best and most informative site out there, i have learned more in just a few days listening to what you have to say, than a couple of months worth of work trawling the net.
    I have no favours to ask of you (well not yet anyway !!!) but I just thought it important to say “thank you” for all the work you are doing on our behalf, and I am sure I am not alone in this.
    I will continue to read your blog and reccomend it where ever appropriate.
    I think the motor industry’s loss is definately our gain.
    Cheers and good luck with all your endevours.

    • Hi Mike. I record the video at just after 10. It takes about 30 mins depending on how many meetings. Video usually up by 10:45 ish. I need to steamline this and am working on a couple of things

  7. hi, a friend in the trading shop in newcastle told me aboot you just the other day & i found your site very interesting, ive been doing the in running for a few years with enough success to get by however with track players & less liquidity things are gettin harder (the shop in newcastle has just closed) so ive recently been dabbling with trading mainly backing pre race then laying in running (looking for horses that consistently trade shorter in running) & its still early days but im mekin small profits, i tried your system oot y,day & got 4/4 just for very small stakes – im following you on twitter & will check your site every day from now
    keep up the good work – paul

    • Welcome Paul. Please don’t say system aggghhhhhhh 🙂 It’s more of a understanding how markets work. Systems are for clueless guessers. (Sorry to my system using readers) 🙂 Slow and steady is the way Paul. In running is tougher now than ever. Trouble is there is so much great info out there, and sites like Proform who give it to you on a plate, every man and his dog is trying the back2lay in running angle. I do a bit of in running stuff myself. You may have seen in a few of my videos I nick a few quid on obvious front runners, or lay short favs that start at the back. Low risk – good returns. Plus your not relying on fast pics, just some common sense and an understanding of how a horse travels in a race. Appreciate your comment and support Cheers MG

  8. Hi I’ve stumbled across your blog through bet angel and must say this is the only one I’ve found that actually teaches people how to trade as such and have learnt a lot of the basics that makes me abit more confident when I look at a market. I’m just wondering like the practice mode on bet angel where u trade for practise but only once is there one that let’s you practise all the time without risking money to learn more of the real life trades

  9. Hi Steve,

    Could you please post an answer to a question, not only myself, but many if not all your followers would like the answer too. Since you recently started reposting your video’s, which we are all eternally grateful, I have decided to go back on Practice Mode, as I’ve done my money over recent weeks, however, here’s the problem…..
    Following you tuition 100% I don’t have a problem in making successful trades, in Practice Mode, however, the markets just don’t seem to behave the same as in Live Mode. The question is: Is it just the fear of losing in Live Mode which is the difference, or is it, the markets behave differently in the absence of real bets going through.
    Thanks for the video’s, they really are great, and much appreciated.

    • Hi Bernie, Practice mode is a dead duck. It has it’s uses. ie. trying out Excel to make sure all your triggers and code works, and to a getting used to how the software works and all it’s buttons and gadgets. This is I think is exactly what the practice mode is intended for. I think the issue is the way the market behaves in real time ‘live”. Keep your stakes low and “feel” you way in. This is a long slow learning process. let me know where you’re weak and I’ll see if I can help. btw Appreciate your comments MG

      • Nice one, thanks Steve, I should have guessed, with it being so easy. I’ll keep some records over the next couple of weeks, see if pinpoint my weak points. thanks

  10. Hi Mugs,

    Big fan of your work. Trading about a year doing ok lot of good days but like all new traders get greedy sometimes in play and of course have been caught out.I have been backing horses a long time and think the in play stuff i do is some way related to the missed adrenaline rush of taking a punt. Anyway hopefully i can beat it out of myself. I find your videos brilliant and have been a great help. Few questions i hope you dont mind? Do you still do bookmaking through bet angel? If so what races and how would you approach it? Looking to try and add a few tools to the box if you know what i mean…



    • Hi Mark, Going In Play can be a big mistake, that is if you are just trying to get out of the trade without a loss. You will see me often take trades in play. But bas I always say. This is a calculated tarde. ie i think the price will move in the direction i want. Usually this in in a jumps race when it’s obvious the horse i am trading will get the lead. I do make books using Bet Angel, however. There are some dangers (ie Withdrawn horses). Best races are a bit further out than normal (10-5 mins, don’t get too close to the start when the volatility goes nuts). I prefer big fields and competitive races. Aim for 3-5 % advantage and clean up the unmatched bets with the extra percentage. I plan to do some videos in the future about this, Thanks for your comments and welcome aboard! Cheers MG

      • Cheers Mugs,

        Thanks for your comments. Would be great to see you do a video on bookmaking or dutching. National hunt is my true love with the horses which is also my downfall as i think i have a fair idea how a race will pan out which tempts me to go in play usually only to take a few ticks or get out. But horses can make a fool of yea. R Walsh was unshipped at the first by Sure Reef (first time out) whos now high in the betting for one of the novice races at chelt after flying off infront. Now that was a expensive lesson….serves me right for trading a maiden in running.Thanks again mugs for your help..


  11. Hi Mugs,

    Sorry in advance for being a pest. Just wondering what way you approach the football these days? do you trade matches i.e time decay over/under markets or do you just try find value bets. have been experimenting with the footie lately trying to find angles the likes of lay the draw and few more of the common angles seem to have had there day. Obviously not looking for your angles but just wondering do you feel a value BET rather than trading the footie is now a better approach with all the automation and bots.



    • Hi Mark,
      My football trading has taken a bit of a back seat lately. My venture into portfolio trading is having a break while I concentrate on my mentorship program and racing. Racing is my bread and butter, football pays for my hobbies (expensive) and fills my Aston Martin up with petrol (I wish). I tend to trade pre play with very large stakes & look for in play low risk but high return trades. Like laying a team 1-0 up before HT at 1.07 or something stupid like that. I guess you could categorise the foot trades as “value”. I agree with what you say about lots of the established angles having their day. That’s because they are done to death and the profile of the market changes. That’s why I like what I do. It is all based on market analysis. Once you understand what drives a market and how it reacts it’s not to bad.
      Thanks for your comment. Asking a question isn’t being a pest mark. I welcome them. Cheers MG

  12. Hi Steve
    good to see the comments on the recent trading day.
    Can you out me down for the date in June please?

  13. Hi Steve, just came across your very elucidative blog on what’s been keeeping me buzzing (pls read as losing) on the past months. Horse racing / Trading as proven to be, at least to me, something that i want and i picture myself doing for a living. It may sound dreamful and foolish to a few, but i know you understand where im coming from. With all the stumbles attached to it, I still find it attractive and with so much to learn on a daily basis. Not very much of a “leave a comment on public sites” but this time i felt impelled to.
    Please forgive me for my clumsy grammar, I’m Portuguese (and very proud of it), i just wanted you to know that you have a new follower a couple thousand of miles below your majesty’s beautiful Island.
    God Bless and keep greening ’em up

  14. Hey Mugs!

    Just wanted to say your blog rocks, so keep on the good work 😉

    I’m a newbie in the sports trading world, but would like to know “everything” about this “job” so I can one day be on a level like you or Peter. I come from the Poker world so I know this will take a looot of time, patience and practise – I’m in a possition in my life where I can focus only on trading so that’s good 🙂

    BTW : do you do any online seminars for those of us who are from the “other side of the world”?

    Thanks for your answer and greetings from Slovenia.

    • Hi Andrej, Thanks for your kind words. The online training game is something I may get involved in at some point. But things are too busy for me at this point. I am getting lots of guys from all over the world, but realise that not everyone who wants to come can justify the expense. Watch this space for news if I decide to go this way in the future. Cheers Steve

  15. Hi Steve

    I have attempted to sign up to your news letter but when I try to confirm the subscription I get the message “did not match any documents”. I’d like to thank you for the spreadsheet much appreciated.


  16. Hi, I have just come your blog site and found it very interesting. I have watched a couple of videos and will watch the others as I go by. I do have a couple of questions about BTL. I normally do BTL on pace horses and keep in play, the reasoning being that if the horse has pace it will lead and it’s price will shorten. OK, it works some of the time, but when it doesn’t the loss can be quite large because you can’t put in a stop loss as they get eaten by bots all the time. My questions are, do you BTL on other types of horses other than pace, and if so where can I find the info to spot them and the other question is you mention ”your selections” and people following them. Where do I find those?

    I know you are a pro trader, but I don’t want to just blindly follow your selections, as good as I am sure they are, but I want to learn how to spot them myself. (all about giving a fish and teaching how to fish).

    I hope you don’t mind me asking such questions on my first visit to your site, but nothing like beating about the bush is there.

    • Hi Clive,
      In the early days I called my Morning Racing selections B2L. This was before the B2L that you describe became so popular. I rarely take my trades in play. If I do it’s with a plan. My selections are based on I think they will move in price one way or another. I do a daily preview for my mentorship group in the form of a video. In this I show how I find the selections using the tools that the group have access to. I do not post up my selections publicly, and I am reluctant to even post them within my group. As you correctly point out with your fishing analogy I want to teach the method, not spoon feed selections. You will notice that on this blog I do not post up the videos or selections anymore. I did this at the beginning as I wanted to show what was possible.I need to stress none of this is in play.
      I hope this answers you question Clive. Cheers Steve

    • No, All my Workshops are in Coventry. It is a 1hour 10 minute train journey, and the station is 300m from the venue I use. If I wanted to do them in London (which I certainly do not) The price would be much higher.In fact much more that a train ticket.
      Sorry, it’s not an option for me

  17. I Steve, love your blog. I am new to trading and was wondering if i could get a copy of your spreadsheet for calculating the slack in the book?


  18. Hi steve
    i want to learn football trading with profitable stratergies i am ready to pay on to one trading i know more about it need to know profitable strateries atleast make £50-100 profit everyday any suggestion?

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