F1 – A Betting Opportunity

F1 is one of my favourite sports, both as a fan, and as a trading perspective. I want to share with you the way I look at a GP, with a view to how you can trade it. The ideas I am putting forward have served me well over the last few years. It isn’t difficult to make a decent total with some common sense strategies and a basic understanding of what you are trying to achieve.

In case you are new to F1, maybe caught it on the odd occasion on TV but have no idea about some of the more technical aspects, I will run though a few important considerations and some scenarios. the following pages will be dedicated to the different aspects of Formula 1 that has an affect on the odds. By the end hopefully you will be able to find your own bets, based on the information i am going to give you. sadly trading F1 is most profitable In Play. I can however point you in the right direction.

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