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There are a couple of places I go to for my F1 information. As this is a highly technical sport I think it is important to keep well informed about what is happening. If the McClaren  has a poor package and has been struggling in many of the races, you would expect that to continue to be the case. However, if they had a modification that transformed the car, it would be good to know that info.

F1 teams are notoriously secretive, but it’s hard to stop the gossip and the performance of the car in practice. There is lots of info out there if you look for it.

http://www.formula1.com/default.html is the official F1 web site. Packed with stuff. But a bit “heavy”

http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/formula1/ – This is a great site – Especially the blogs

http://www1.skysports.com/formula1/ Sky’s coverage has been superb as you would expect. Listen to Martin Brundell. he is a licence to print money. Especially in play.

There is one piece of additional software that is fantastic. It is the F1 timing screen which you can get HERE. This is pretty much what the teams see on the pit wall. Obviously they have the data logging from their own cars, which even tells them if the driver farts. But this is general and shows the times of each segment of the course. I have plans to trade a race live and record it. This will show how powerful this piece of kit really is.

There is also an App. This costs £20. I haven’t tried it, as I have all the info I need form the timing screen. But I have heard it’s excellent.

This is a screenshot of the Live Timing Screen. The green time is the fastest in that sector. It enables you to calculate if the gap is growing or diminishing. If you do this before the commentator reports it you can gain an advantage. This can be 10+ ticks.

timing screen F1

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