Upgrade Package

For several years I have offered to Mentor traders who have attended my Workshops. This has now taken over from my trading is has become a full-time job. A job that I do not and never have wanted. So from next March (2018) after Cheltenham I will be taking a back seat. I will still be involved daily, but my level of input will be reduced. I will not be obligated to be around all day.

My whole Skype Community has built up to the point that this doesn’t really matter. Everyone who is involved has attended a Workshop and is well versed in my methods. There are plenty of people who can answer your questions and quires. If it’s me you need an answer from. You can always email me. I never turn anyone away.

What is The Upgrade Package?

It is a Program that enables aspiring traders to be guided through the confusion and complexities of Trading on the Betting Exchanges. You are given access to new strategies and new ways of thinking. The daily access to upwards of 20 full-time Traders who have completed the journey that you are embarking on, whatever your level of experience.

In my opinion, listening to have others have coped with the issues you are faced with yourself is of far better value than listening to someone who over a decade of experience as a Full-Time trader.

How does it work?

First of all I provide you with what we call the “Upgrade Package”. This is a download area where you can download and view the new material that will help take you to the next level. You get training videos showing how to profit from what we call Morning Racing. This is where we look at the days Racing around 9:30am and use my unique Spreadsheet that is plugged into Betfair from a Trading App to highlight any Trading Opportunities. You also have access to a stand alone App that gives you price alerts. So if you open a trade, the software will monitor the market for you and alert you if the price changes past the point where you asked it to.

I also share a Pre-match Football trading strategy and another very lucrative way to profit from Sports Trading in a slower moving environment.

On top of hours and hours worth of these training videos, there are lots more gems. My bespoke videos showing the key signals in a Pre-race Racing market. My MINI Masterclasses. Hour long videos where I take you through key aspects of a Race and show you what is happening. This all adds to what you will have learned during the Racing Workshop.This is worth the upgrade fee alone.

The second part is access to my Skype Network. I have 12 rooms set up in a chat room type environment. You can read everything that is being discussed, even while you are away. As soon as you log in you can scroll back to where t you left and see if there is anything you could learn. There are rooms for all the major Sports as well as popular strategies that we have experts within the group, like NFL, Tennis, Back2Lay, Matched Betting and Pre-Race Racing. The Skype set up is busy and packed full of great information. It’s vibrant, friendly and has a real “community” spirit. The whole aim of the group is to help each other make money. To that aim, it works very well.

Regarding the Skype setup. You take as much or as little as you need. You can sit in the background and eat up all the valuable info in there, or you can be as active as you like. There is never any pressure to get involved.

Access and Cost

To join the Upgrade Package you must have attended a Racing Workshop. Every single person in the group has been on a Workshop. It lays the foundations of what we do. The aim of the Upgrade Package is to support and nurture. Not to teach you to trade from scratch.

The cost is £150 for the upgrade, including 3 Months access. After the 3 Months, you are welcome to stay at an ongoing cost of £25. There are very few that leave, and then it’s almost always time pressure/work/family commitments that are the reasons for leaving.

How do I get Involved?

There is no need to sign up, or even give any intention to sign up now. All you need do is book a place on a Racing Workshop. ~LINK HERE

You will be formally invited to join the Upgrade Package at the Workshop.