Portfolio Betting

This section is dedicated to what I call portfolio bets. In the world of sports trading there is no ‘one size fits all” strategy. You need an array of different techniques to extract as much as you can from the Bookies. It’s a war. How big is your gun? How many guns have you got?

Each page will have a detailed strategy guide. Staking, entry point and exit point. Many of these guides will give you the ability to find your own trades. Any trades the guides generate will be posted on my home page under the heading “Portfolio Trades”.

I intend to advise the bets under a “points” system. I want to put the trades under a structured format that will enable easy replication. There will be advised entry points and exit strategy. The Portfolio bets will mainly be football. I may from time to time throw in other sports if I feel we have an opportunity to profit. There will be a separate results page within “Portfolio Betting”. All the trades will sent out on the main page “Home” under the heading “Portfolio Trades”. Do not confuse these with my Racing bets which are “Back2Lays” or “Lay2Backs”. There will be no Racing trades under “Portfolio Betting”.

This is work in progress. I will not be advising trades until the strategy is clearly set out. I strongly advice you read this and understand what exactly we are trying to acheive. Only then should you become involved.


The bank used for the Portfolio bets will be a 100 point bank. Whatever size bank you use you should divide it by 100 to give the value of 1 point. So for example a £/$/€1000 bank makes it £/$/€10 a point.


Staking will be individual to each trade. If I am advising a steam to a Match Odds trade I may advise a 50 pt bet. However, the risk will always be managed. I never risk more than 5% of my bank in any 1 trade, and this would be very low risk.



It is possible to lose money gambling. I cannot control what happens in a football match or horse race. So it is a real possibility that by following my advice you could lose money as well as win it. Please satisfy yourself that you understand this before you risk the money you have worked so hard to earn.


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