Portfolio Bet: 12X

This is another very straightforward bet. We are betting in the main Match Odds market. known as M.O. for short. :)

The bet will be advised as Home Win, Away Win or Draw. On many coupons this is called 12X. The bet can be a Back or a Lay bet. This will be made clear.

Bank: The bank is the 100pt bank used in all of the Portfolio Trades. See HERE for bank explanation.

Staking: The staking on this trade will be between 1 and 3 points. That means you could lose between 1 and 3% of your bank if the trade loses.

Exit Strategy: Although this is a straight bet, there may be several opportunities to lock in a profit if the scoring is going our way. I’ll add this in any trade the market to lock in profit may differ depending on the trade. For example, if the team you want to win goes a goal up. Or if we are backing the draw a Lay of the draw in the last 10 minutes to lock in some profit once the odds are very much in favour. I very often reduce my liabilities after a goal in my favour.

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