Portfolio Bet: BTTS

Lets start by getting the jargon out of the way What the hell is BTTS? BTTS is a very popular market that is containing within the 82 markets open to use to bet on in a Football match. This bet offers a question. Both teams to score. Yes or No. On the betting exchanges this is complicated by the 2 betting lines, as you can BACK or LAY. So if you BACK BTTS – “YES” that is the same as LAYING BTTS “NO”. Sometimes you can get a better outcome by one over the other. I am not going into depth over that at this stage as it isn’t that important.

#Fig 1 – How Betfair display BTTS

bf screen







So now we know the market, how are we going to find a potential bet? Well it won’t surprise you to know that BetFormPro is my weapon of choice here. I apply what information this powerful statistical model gives me into the betting markets and odds on offer. How do you think bookies come up with odds? When 2 teams you have never heard of are playing each other do you think the odds compiler at BetFred has intimate knowledge of them? Or do they use software just like we do? In general they get it right mostly. But not evertime. Thats the times we are looking for.

So lets put the bet together.

Bank: The bank is the 100pt bank used in all of the Portfolio Trades. See HERE for bank explanation.

Staking: The staking on this trade will be between 1 and 3 points. That means you could lose between 1 and 3% of your bank if the trade loses.

Exit Strategy: Although this is a straight bet, there may be several opportunities to lock in a profit if the scoring is going our way. I’ll add this in any trade the market to lock in profit may differ depending on the trade.

EXAMPLE FORMAT: (This was a real trade I was involved in)


Date: 23rd Feb

Match: QPR v Man Utd

Market: BTTS

Summary:  I have this down as around 1.64 for BTTS (NO). The odds available are a very generous 2.15. I see this as huge value. In old fashioned odds we are getting 11/10 for what I see true odds of just over 8/13

Staking: The stake will be 2 Pts. I advise you obtain the best possible price. You need to take into account any commission if betting with the exchanges.

Exit: This is a straight bet.

Advice: Back BTTS “NO” @ 2.15 with VCBet or 2.18 with Betfair (comm applies)


Man Utd win the game 0-2. QPR fail to score and the bet is successful. A profit of 2.3pts is gained

BetForm Pro


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