Portfolio Bet: Draw No Bet

This is as simple as it gets. The market we are betting on is “Draw No Bet”  aka DNB – Just like it says if the result is a draw you get your money back. I have only recently become interested in this bet. In certain circumstances it offers better value than a LAY of the team you don’t think will get a result. Plus it gives more options to bet with other Bookmakers other than Betfair/Betdaq. If you think a team will not be beaten, this may be an option.

It’s easy to find in most bookies lists. If you want to find the best odds with a bookie you have you can find it as the picture shows on Oddschecker.


Bank: The bank is the 100pt bank used in all of the Portfolio Trades. See HERE for bank explanation.

Staking: The staking on this trade will be between 1 and 3 points. That means you could lose between 1 and 3% of your bank if the trade loses.

Exit Strategy: Although this is a straight bet, there may be several opportunities to lock in a profit if the scoring is going our way. I’ll add this in any trade the market to lock in profit may differ depending on the trade. For example, if the team you want to win goes a goal up.

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