You may notice a box in the side bar for Subscriptions and may be wondering what it is all about. I thought I would say a few words about it.

Firstly regarding harvesting email addresses. I do not and will not EVER pass on you email address to ANYONE. That sort of business sickens me.

Secondly, I will not be constantly emailing you with “unmissable offers”. That winds me up too. Do these tossers think by constantly bombarding you with something you don’t want to buy will beat you into submission? This isn’t a sales brochure.

I want to connect with my growing readership and this is a good way of keeping in touch. So that I can show you my appreciation for you subscribing I will include some exclusive video content in my newsletters. I should mention that this is of course FREE!

The frequency of these is not something I have considered too much, but I hope that it will be bi weekly to start with. I will try to make it interesting and informative as I can with my unique style of “telling it how it is”.

Look forward to “connecting” with you soon.




4 thoughts on “Subscription

  1. Larry

    Hi Steve
    Have just found your website looks very interesting especially your trading day in Coventry have you still got any vacant places for May if you have count me in just email me on the above,many thanks

    Regards. Larry


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