Are you still in the game?

Cheltenham is over for another year and this Saturday we see the 169th running of The Lincoln Handicap. One signifies an end, the other, quite rightly in Spring, signals a beginning.

Historically, the time between Xmas and Cheltenham is the most testing period of the trading year. Very little happens, often nothing if the weather’s bad enough, and the whole thing becomes a real grind. This period is when many would-be traders are shaken out of the markets for the last time. Sighing at a depleted or empty account, they question if this for them, is this an alchemy they do not have the recipe for and never will. Sound familiar? Don’t be put off. There is a difference between giving up and knowing it cannot work. Ask yourself two questions and then decide if you still want to label the whole thing “Experience” and put it on the shelf.

  1. Have I exhausted every opportunity to make this work?
  2. Am I simply giving up because I can’t find the answers?

Betting exchange trading holds so many opportunities. There are so many ways to skin that proverbial cat. If you read a previous post you’ll see how often people contact us when close to throwing in the towel. Once they become part of MGWorld they understand what they may have walked away from. You can do it, you just don’t know you can.., yet.

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