MGWorld grows at a rate of knots. Faster than I ever thought it could. So much so, it’s become necessary to bring in additional expertise, not just to help with the day to day running of MGWorld, but to offer a different perspective, a different set of skills and, as a result, greater value to MGWorld members.
Jon Murphy has been trading for many years but joined MGWorld back in 2014. Bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience, from the very start Jon began offering help and advice across all aspects of trading, on-hand to assist members on a daily basis with all manner of questions, writing papers on a broad range of trading topics. Holding webinars to offer detailed understanding of our main strategies and, in particular, trading psychology.
Knowledge, experience and readiness to help are invaluable, but Jon and I share a greater common trait; we are both passionate about helping others achieve success within trading.
As partners in MGWorld, we believe we can offer our members even greater learning, a more in-depth understanding of the markets and the best opportunity to succeed.







If you don’t already follow Jon, you’ll find him here @headgamestrader





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