Make hay while the sun shines

The summer is soon upon us, bringing with it the perfect platform for the aspiring trader. With racing taking place long into the evening, those missing out on meetings because of a 9-5 now have a great opportunity for much needed and wished for screen time. No longer tied to a few markets at the weekend, it’s now possible to get in from work, have a cuppa/dinner, a worthwhile conversation with a significant other, before switching on the PC and opening the next market.
Forcing a trade, the folly of many a novice trader, because there are so few markets available, is no longer an issue. Letting markets pass no longer matters because another will be along soon enough.
So much can be achieved between now and September; honing skills, qualifying and quantifying edges and strategies, collecting vital data to help understand strengths and weaknesses.
At MGWorld we trade together throughout the year but during the summer months, because of the additional cards and their timing, our community really comes together. Trading as a large collective group gives greater and more accelerated learning, in particular for those at the beginning of their trading endeavour. As well as being enormously supportive, it’s great laugh too.
If you’re planning to learn and/or understand more about betting exchange trading, don’t let this opportunity slip by.

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