What will make the difference?

For a number of years I used to write a blog, from my football trading endeavours right through, albeit infrequently, until late last year. In a moment of wistful reminiscing, a particular post came back to me. There’s a link to it below.

For so long genuine pre race trading success had eluded me. Some big leaps forward had been made but I hadn’t found that true style, that sense of knowing that you get putting on comfortable shoes – a genuine fit. That was until October 27th, 2014. On this day Steve Howe delivered his fourth ever pre-race trading workshop. Immediately, it was clear this was it. This was the fit I needed – a simple, solid method. A truly structured approach, with continuous learning and support.

So tailor made was that fit, three and a half years later, it’s my privilege to work alongside Steve. Delivering the workshop, building the structure for others, offering extra learning and support and helping our members overcome trading’s almost endless hurdles.

Maybe the MGWorld Pre Race Workshop will make the difference for you.

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