WTF did I do that for?!

How many times have you asked yourself that?

How many times have you said; “I cant believe I’ve just done that, again”.

There are aspects of our subconscious that, when we are presented with certain situations, will simply take over. Leaving us bewildered by our actions, actions that are in complete conflict with what we want to achieve. You know what you want to do, you know what you don’t want to do, but you still go against your rules. Rules you’ve told yourself over and over you will absolutely stick to. How many times has that little devil voice told you “Hang on a bit longer, it’ll come back” or “Go on. It’s a front runner. You’ll get it back in the run…”? This little voice is your worst enemy and, try as you might to get rid of it, every time you’re in the red end of a trade, that little voice begins to whisper.







Trading psychology is a much bigger beast than many people realise. Some very lucky people are predisposed to the right mental make up but the vast majority are not, me included. But, armed with some knowledge, understanding and a few simple tricks, you can begin to get a handle on that self sabotage, improve your mental confidence and, as a consequence, your trading results.

As well as Strategy, Market Assessment, Trade Management, Analysis, Low Hanging Fruit, etc, the MGWorld Foundation Course focuses heavily on Trading Psychology. Helping you understand the root cause of an issue, how to identify and avoid counter productive behaviors. Stopping the internal dialogue that leads you to creating those reds over and over again.

If you want to stop making such crucial errors with your trading, if you want to be part of a community whose members strive daily to help each other achieve, if you want access to continuous learning and development, access to pro traders with a wealth of knowledge and experience, you need to seriously consider the MGWorld Racing Workshop and Mastermind Group.

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