Upgrade Package

The upgrade package is only available to people who have attended the workshop.

After the Workshop I will invite you to upgrade.

What do I get?

You will be able to download over 20GB of extra material. None available publicly. 100’s of videos, masterclasses and training sessions. Q & A sessions etc.

I will also give you 2 Months FREE access to my Skype Rooms – These are full of people just like you. On their own journey learning how to trade. All have attended the Workshop.

This is important to note. I do not spend all day every day holding your hand, telling you what to trade. BUT I am widely available to answer your questions and help where I can. I don’t believe in hand holding. I don’t want to give you trades on a plate. I want you to learn how to do it yourself. That way you can do this forever, not just while I tell you what to do. This is education, not a tipping service.

Twice a Month I hold a live webinar that you will be able to attend. I invite your questions and i spend an hour or so answering them. The sessions are recorded for you to watch if you cannot make it.

There are also a couple of brilliant strategies I will share with you. One is Morning Racing. How to find trade in the morning that are more long term. Also a Football (pre match) strategy.

We have a room called The Surgery. You can post up your questions and videos for me to critique. Shared with the group (anonymously if you prefer) these are great learning for everyone.

The cost is £100 if you pay when you book the Workshop – Choose the Workshop + Upgrade Buy it Now button on the bookings page. or £125 if you choose to join at some other point. You cannot buy the upgrade without attending a workshop.