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    1. MG Post author

      It’s just a poll, you vote yes or no, then I can see how many people want me to carry on. I did my usual today and had 4 good trades, I was gutted. So I thought I’d see what my readers wanted me to do. Lost a lot of traffic today. If I get no readers there’s no point writing : I just see what you mean now Anth. I have dumped it

  1. Mike

    Can i just say MG, i have learnt a hell of a lot in a short time from your posts and videos. I do OK out of football and tennis – but really want to master the horses, and you are certainly helping me achieve that. Many many thanks – please continue!!

    1. MG Post author

      Cheers Mike. It’s a long hard road. But if you put the effort in you will get there mate. Thanks for your message. MG

  2. Alec

    Just found your site. Excellent keep up the good work.

    Have learn t so much. I love the honesty you put into it. Makes me feel a lot better about my own trading.

    Thanks again


    1. MG Post author

      Welcome aboard Alec. Think it’s best to be straight. People see through BS easy enough. Trading is straightforward if you have the tools you need. My role is to provide those tools. Thanks for your comment MG

  3. Mike L

    Many thanks for making the time to write your blog and record your vid’s MG
    Will keep watching you and learning, one day hope to make a small profit (just started around 2 months ago) Thanks

  4. Carl Smith

    Hello MG,

    been visiting a lot of blogs/ sites to learn as much as i can about trading,
    I just want to say that your site is great in my opinion,
    simply laid out and all good info etc fore people like me trying to get better
    I am determined to make trading pay for me, seems like i am learning to waltz at the moment
    (1 step forwards and 2 steps Back! ) will try and find some money to come on one of your 2016 racing workshops as that is ehat i am trying to do .
    thanks again please keep posting
    cheers Carl “Lexy” Smith

    1. MG Post author

      Hi Carl,
      Thanks very much for you comment. I am not posting as much as I would like these days, I am incredibly busy and trying to get that almost impossible work/life balance we all dream of. Look forward to welcoming you to one of the 2016 Workshops I hope. Cheers Steve

  5. Sean

    Hi Steve,
    I’ve am looking at learning to trade properly on the horses, It’s been trial and error for 12 months but I thought I would give it my most and learn my own way through..tripping up getting good getting better..breaking even…but really small gains no real decent trades..the sort you would see on video from someone else ….and takes just a small hiccup and off it goes paying for somebody’s holidays……been .watching Caan and Peter show their ways along with many others out there….got something good from all of these and I like to watch them…don’t think any knowledge is bad knowledge… but something basic missing…something that I think it’s time get some pro guidance. I am going to get summer out the way and book the November Racing course…


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