A Day At A Workshop


My Workshops are held at regular dates throughout the year at the Village Hotel in Coventry https://www.village-hotels.co.uk/hotels/coventry/ 

The hotel was built on the old Standard Motor Company site, where Triumph produced such motoring icons such as the Triumph Spitfire & TR3/4/5/6/7, 2000, Dolomite and briefly the Stag.

I have been using this venue for my workshops since 2014. They look after us very well, and the transport links are 1st class.
Just over 1 hour from Euston station, 15 minutes from Birmingham airport (train costs £2 and the station is is 500m from the hotel. Right in the middle of the nations motorway network, this is a place that most can get to easily.


I always stay over the evening before a workshop (and always have, even when I lived less than a mile way from the hotel). There is a standing invitation  to join me for the evening to have a drink and enjoy some social time. I really enjoy getting to know the aspiring traders who are attending the workshop. (This is entirely optional obviously!)
There is always some of my existing members who pop along too. This isn’t some wild booze fuelled session (too often anyway), but it’s always very enjoyable.


Structure of the Day

We kick-off the day at around 8:45 am. The facilities we have gives us access to unlimited beverages. A nice fancy coffee machine and a fridge full of cold cans. Once everyone has arrived, we make our way into the room we have. (pic above). You will notice there are a maximum of 10 places. The room is comfortable and intimate. The room has air conditioning and a large screen that enables me to show you what I need to.

The morning starts gently with the essentials. If you are serious about your trading, these “pillars” are a good way to start. We have a quick comfort break mid morning  and towards such start to get more serious as we look at the driving forces in the market. How to identify them and how to use them to structure a safe, effective trade. Such is provided and is in the shape of a  hot/cold buffet.

After lunch I ramp things up. We start going through races and break them down using  what we have learned, adding in more and more complexity. This part is completely interactive and aids learning and retention of that learning. People sometimes ask:

“Do you trade live? I don’t want the theory, I want tot see you do it.”

How you can learn anything from that is beyond me. If you want to see me do it live to prove my credibility, I think that is way beyond reproach by now. If you have any doubts whatsoever, just don’t bother coming. Not being funny, that’s how I feel about it. I am not desperate to purseude people to buy into what I do. Either come or don’t :).

We have another break mid afternoon, and by the time we wrap up things around 5:00 pm. There is NO ambiguity, no doubts and everyone understands what is required. You will not be travelling home wondering what the hell I was on about. That I promise you.

To cement this learning firmly into place, I will give you complimentary access to my Online Workshop. So everything you have learned from the workshop can be accessed in a series of modules and videos. This is a great memory jogger and helps to clarify some of the more complex points.

No question goes unanswered, however tough or difficult. No question is too “stupid”.

Once we have finished, it takes 10 min utes to pack up, and then I am happy to spend some time in the bar and wind down with a Coke before start our journey’s home.

Who is the Workshop for?

I have a mantra of “You don’t know what you don’t know”.

If you are right at the start of your trading journey.maybe coming from a background of Matched Betting, where your accounts are being eroded.

The bookies are becoming very efficient at doing this now aren’t they?

You maybe looking to get started in conventional trading. This workshop is an ideal way to get started.
If you are more experienced, then you may well know some of what I may share with you. But having some structure and gaining the confidence I will give you, will surely enhance your trading.
There is something for everyone. Wether you are beginning, or want to really take your trading to that next level. I can help you.

Consider this.

Pre race trading is probably the most sought after skill in trading. It isn’t easy., but it can be very lucrative. Any day long training that gave promise you untold wealth should be viewed with the utmost caution.

This workshop will give you a great start, but like driving a car, when you pass your test is when you really start to learn to drive. Upgrading to the PLUS option will give you that support that is so essential. The extra material and involvement in the community I have could be the difference. Please consider this carefully when making your purchase decision. 

I truly believe it’s the most comprehensive and best value for money package available.

If you purchase a place at a workshop I will invite you to upgrade after the workshop.

Whatever option you choose. You will be in safe hands