Ask Steve……..

Ask Steve

As you can imagine I get a few emails asking various questions. I always try my best to answer them. But in truth, it’s hard writing about such a “visual” subject.

So I have come up with an idea that may help lots of you, and help me to add some great content to my web site and YouTube channel.

It is imaginatively titled “Ask Steve”

I would ask that you send me any questions that you have. Please don’t use “comments”. Just email me at steve
I will then answer your question, with as much honesty and detail as I can.

No question is too “stupid”. I don’t recognise any question as stupid. As we are all at different levels of experience and competence. remember “You don’t know what you don’t know”

I will then create a bespoke post that answers the question, supported by video if needed.

You can search all the “Ask Steve” questions via the search box using the terms “Ask Steve”

Let’s get those questions in to