I keep going in-play​……..

No not me,!!!!!!

“I keep going in-play” is something I read on a daily basis. I have some thoughts on this and if you wish to continue reading I am happy to share them with you.
However, i must warn you that you may not like what you read. This post will divide opinion for sure.

One of the things that really sticks me is the tone of the complaint.
“I keep going in play…. It’s not my fault, I can’t help it….. everything is against me…..”
What a load of cock. You can help it, but you do it. Let me give this some “meat”.

I think many who let their trades go in-play, for whatever reason do so not because of lack of discipline, although that is a big issue for many. It’s because they either have NO PLAN, or a lack of belief in their own ability to apply the strategy they have chosen to deploy. Perhaps even that strategy is not working, or they are not applying it as was intended.
But finding something/someone else to blame is always a better option than taking responsibility for yourself isn’t it?

Is it fair to say that in society we live by sets of rules? We learn these rules from birth. Some are fundamental to our safety and well being. Let’s take driving as an example.
Most built-up areas have a 30mph speed limit. Why? It’s to keep us all safe. Now there are times where you could go much faster, maybe 70mph in a 30mph zone. But we don’t. Why not if you could do it?
Because of the consequences of what may happen.
Death, injury, getting caught!
The consequences are all dire and may have life-changing impacts on you and others.
Now I am not trying to say going in-play is a matter of life & death. But the consequences are still significant,

So the question you need to ask yourself is exactly how seriously you are taking trading. Is it a bit of fun? Is it just for an “interest”? If so, then that’s fine, as that is what you are getting.
if it a little more serious or even you are aspiring to maybe build up to trading full time. Then you need to stop and take a cold, hard and long look at yourself and what you are doing.
If you cannot find the self-control to take the loss, no matter how unpalatable the loss is. Then failure is already upon you. The only variables are how long it will be before you give up and how much money it will cost you.
If this is you I implore you to STOP. STOP trading and do some deep thinking. Get some help, get some advice. Book a call with me if you like and talk to me. No charge, no strings and no obligation. https://calendly.com/steve_mg
I may be able to help, I may not. but at least you have made a start by aknoweldging the issue are are taking some action.

We are constantly bombarded by people showing us how great they are at trading, how easy it all is blah, blah, blah.
There are not many of us talking like this are there?

My apologies for using “cock” and “meat” in the same sentence………

6 thoughts on “I keep going in-play​……..

  1. Tough love, Steve
    but so true, i trade football, but started with racing many times i went in play usually because my trade had gone wrong and i was caught in the red, every time i knew it was wrong to go in play, but you want your money back…….so stupid,
    you may get away with it a number of times, but when it goes wrong, it really goes wrong,
    Im pleased to say those days are behind be, and im a very much more disciplined trader now.
    If we dont learn by our mistakes, then there is no hope.
    Good luck to everyone.

  2. I think the no plan point mentioned above by Steve is key! When you have a plan it really makes no sense to go in-play.

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