Monthly Review.

Things move so fast in blogland. I started writing the blog in the middle of February, so this is the first full month.

The blog has had 7,500 visits and 16,500 page views in March. I launched a few new ideas into the blog this month. The Portfolio Bets, Polls and The “Inside track” bulletin. The Racing trades were stopped, and then started again after the Betfair crash on 9th March. I launched my YouTube channel and started to record some trading videos.


I have 89 subscribers and the videos have received over 10,000 views. My “inside track” has an incredible 186 subscribers. I have managed to provide these subscribers with hopefully some good information that was not available on the blog. If you had followed this info you would have made some money for sure. Last night for example I said that Wigan and West Ham looked like shortening. Wigan moved from  1.96 to 1.8. West Ham 2.24 to 2.14, they did bounce a little though. I also said Everton would drift. They were 1.67 and moved out 10 ticks. make no mistake this stuff makes big money. It’s free too! There’s not an endless stream of mail trying to flog you services and affiliates. I only send out something when I have something to say. It always makes you money if you follow the advice (well it has so far 🙂 )

The profit for the Racing Trades this month was just short of £500. That taking into account that I took a £100 loss on the horse that was in the market when Betfair crashed. How many “tipsters” would have done that I wonder?

The Portfolio bets have also been a success. The first 3 weeks gave over 13 points profit too.

What has been really encouraging is the messages that I have received that lets me know that these selections of the racing trades and portfolio bets have encouraged you to find your own bets & trades. I am not a tipster. I never want to be a tipster.

On the video side, I am absolutely amazed how much brilliant feedback that I have received about the videos. The amount of messages that you guys have sent saying how they have turned you from losers into winners is very humbling. It’s exactly why i started to write this. I started making a preview video of the days racing earlier this week i think it was. I only intended to do it as a one off, one of my readers requested it. I enjoyed doing it and the good feedback encouraged me to do another. It grew from there. I can’t believe you sad gits like to listen to me droning on with my dodgy West Midlands accent for half an hour everyday. On the positive side it has been throwing up a few gems. Today: Our Jonathan 7.8 into 5. Space Ship (weak fav) 2.66 out to 3.35, Humbie 4.3 – 3.65 (wins) There were a few drifters too,  I can’t get it right all the time 🙂

The Polls are a great way for me to get to know my readers. Here is a snapshot:

Age Range:

18-25: 15%

26-40: 36%

40-60: 39%

60+ 10%


Beginner: 30%

Intermediate: 66%

Advanced: 4%

Should I continue my Daily Racing Trades?:

Yes: 95%

Our my preview videos of benefit to you?:

Yes: 98%

Finally, My blog would not be the success it has been without your encouragement and support. I can’t tell you how much inspiration this has given me to carry on delivering for you.

Cheers MG

17 thoughts on “Monthly Review.

  1. Steve

    After settling down on this saturday night knowing that you wouldn’t have a preview of the days results i was pleased to find your monthly review.I wont lavish you with praise etc( im scottish ,we dont do that) but im sure as you read on how much i and indeed alot of people appreciate your effort.Im sure i speak on behalf of a lot of your readers/viewers when i say you are a inspiration for many…

    Its some time ago that i swapped messages with yourself on the betangel forum and asked for your advice/ guidance (even if you were a tad hard on some newbies.) and i came to a quick conclusion that you were a stand up guy that was willing to help and give something back.Were i come from nothing is for free and maybe because of this i was a little wary but how wrong i was . I refer you to the run in we both had and peter had with a forum troll i guess (psycho i think he was originally) and how he and a few others spoilt it for some.

    There are a few people that helped me and many others (,i must give a special mention to JOLLY G ) from the betangel forum that now understand exactly what you were directing us to all along.For me personally things have become alot clearer and your messages to myself and others were all im sure you will agree a prelude to the blog.I wont ramble on ,but i will just ask one thing of you if i may ???(send me your other pointers please….only joking!!) Dont change what your doing ,or indeed lose sight of what you have made and glad to hear you never want to be a tipster even if you may be a good one.

    I look forward to hearing your midlands accent for 20 mins in the morning for a long time to come ,even if your humour is a tad suspect and thats coming from a scots man.Keep up the good work mate,what goes around comes around.

    Have a great easter with the family..

    JD( icarus121)

    • JD, Sometimes I don’t know what to say. This is such a time. Thank you. It’s guys like you that inspire me to do what I am doing. All the effort & time is worth it when I read messages like this. JG is someone who I admire a great deal, listening to him is a good call for sure.
      My blog has turned from an experiment into something much more serious. I grows week on week, with content, new ideas and more readers. I have no idea where it will end up. I guess my aim is to make it the best trading blog there is. With guys like you cheering me on, I know we’ll get there.
      Cheers Steve

  2. In last few weeks your blog is most visited site for me.

    I was learning so much about your way of trading.Than I start to trade on this way (not so successfuly – yet ).
    Also I need little more courage to start with your portfolio bets.

    But you are save so much my time for learning and probably so much money.

    Thank you very much for everything what you are doing here.

    • Thank you my friend. It’s great to know that the blog is helping you along. learning to trade successfully is a long and painful road. Stick at it and I am sure you will get there.
      Thank You for your support – MG

  3. im learning things about sports trading faster now than ever before and thats down to you MG
    keep up the good work 🙂
    a BIG thank you.

  4. I will take the credit for suggesting the morning review. Its a great addition to the trading videos.
    You have already demonstrated that through taking the trouble to assess markets and spending time observing how they work and what influences them profits can be made.

    Nothing better on You Tube.

    Thanks for helping me to become a better trader

    • Hi Simon, thanks for your kinf words. The subscription form is in the side bar on the right of every page near the top (it’s blue/ black) Cheers MG

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