Racing Trades 13th March: Evening Update

Well, the readers have spoken. My Poll so far has had 73 replies. 70 want me to continue – 3 do not. That’s about as conclusive as is possible. So I’ll continue…….

Before you commit large amounts of your bank into a long term position please make sure you can exit using alternative means. If you place the initial trade with Betfair, have enough in your Betdaq account to exit and visa versa. This will protect you from situations that occurred last Saturday when Betfair crashed.

If you want to see how to get the best out of my trades see HERE 


Cheltenham 2:40 Houblon Des Obeaux 11/1: 11.5 stop loss 14.5 (My money is in queue on Betdaq at 12’s)

Huntingdon 4:15 Go Amwell 7/1: 7.4 stop loss 9.2

Huntingdon 4:55: Lady Willa 8/1: 8.2 stop loss 10. If not matched at 8.2 will go down as no bet

 Evening Review

Well straight back into the swing of things. First up was the Cheltenham trade of Houblon Des Obeaux at 11.5. I had may money on Bettdaq at 12’s but has to move it to 11.5 to get matched. The money came quite late for this but closed at 9.6 for a welcome 18 quid.

The next trade was even better. Go Amwell was a big mover and went from 7.4 to 5.4 when I closed. Easy this game isn’t it? Another £35 🙂

Last of the day was also a mover, when I got to the race Lady Willa was 7.6 from 8.4. I nipped out to get a glass of water and when I got back it was 8.4. I quickly scrathed. The reason I put this down as a scratch, even though it eventually hit the stop loss, is when something has moved in our favour way past the back price, then can all the way back you must take notice of the momentum. I say it all the time in my videos. The thing that moves prices is momentum + weight of money. This was so obviously going to drift at this point I imagined all of you would have spotted it too.

So overall not bad. £54 profit. back tomorrow at 10:15 MG


2 thoughts on “Racing Trades 13th March: Evening Update

  1. excuse my ignorance but on your back to lays you show the prices as fractional and decimal ie 11/1 ; 11.4 to back does this mean back from 11.1 to 11.4 sorry to ask just a little bit green found your site the other day full of great advice many thanks W.Welch

    • Sorry, This is the best bookmakers price. I put it up in case anyone wants to take advantage of the bookmakers offers such as best odds guarantee. The recommended price is after that. There is a link to my “how to guide” for anyone who fancies having a go at these trades. I’ll make it clearer in future posts 🙂 Nice to have you aboard, please don’t be afraid to ask anything you need help with. However silly it may sound. Cheers MG

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