Racing Trades 15th March

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Cheltenham 14:40 African Gold 6/1 @ Bookies for you arbers. Betfair /Betdaq is 7 – Put your money in queue. Stop loss very tight on Cheltenham runners at 8.4

Cheltenham 3:20 Long Run – My money is queuing at 6.2 (will take 6 if I have too) It’s 5/1 if you want to arb with bookies  – lots of offers this week. stop loss is 7.4 if get 6.2 and 7.2 if you get 6

Cheltenham 5:15 Petit Robin- This is way outside my normal price range, so HALF stakes for me here. back at 20 – in queue. This horse is the 2nd of Nicky Henderson’s horses. This race is named after his late father. He is more desperate to win this than any other race. It’s a bit “out there” but if it comes in it will be spectacular (I hope). Go steady with this one. Stop loss at 25


Fakenham 4:15 Dreamy George: LAY at 2.46-2.5 stop loss is at 2.24 – 2.28 – Warning this market is GAPPY – Don’t chase the price beyond 2.5                  Evening review…………………………….

The last day of Cheltenham and overall a pretty successful week for me. really enjoyed the racing and all the drama that comes with it. We had 4 trades today. First up was African Gold. A Non runner effected the price on this and the original 7 was reduced by a Reduction Factor of 16.2 %. This gave us 5.86. Come the live show it had drifted just under the new stop loss at 7.4, but in last 3 or 4 mins steadily came back, I closed right on the off for a small loss.

Second up was the Gold Cup selection Long Run, this was a slow and steady mover, I was able to get plenty on this and was happy to see it go as low as 4.9. The account shows a profit of £27.

Next was the LAY of Dreamy George. This was in a difficult market this morning , not sure if you got matched. I managed to and it was a beauty. All the way out to 3.45 before coming back in a few ticks. It was at 3.6 at one point. A profit of £36

Last was the big priced Cheltenham runner; Petit Robin. It was a slow burner, most active as many are right at the death, A small reduction factor of 5.9% reduced it’s price to 18.82, I closed at 14.5, just before it went 14. Ran a good race for much of the way. I had half stakes on this due to it;s bigger than usual price. It still made nearly £15.

Overall a satisfactory day with a profit of just over £77 MG

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