Racing Trades: 16th March – Daily & weekly review

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The post Cheltenham hangover has arririved. As bad a days racing on a Saturday know to man.


Uttoxeter 3:50 Major Malarkey: 17/2 – 7/1 for the arbers. 9.2 can be squeezed at Betdaq. 9 on Betfair. The stop loss is at 11

Uttoxeter 4:25: Galway Jack: 11/4 for Arbers: 3.5 – Stop loss 4.4


The fields are devastated by Non runners. This makes many markets very hard to read. We’ll keep it tight today. MG

Daily review

A quiet day. Alot quieter than last Saturday, that’s for sure!

Two trades today. The first was Major Malarky, backed at 9.2 and steadily moved to to 8 just before the start.  Profit of £14.25. No drama

The 2nd Galway Jack was a little more exciting, very well backed, the only question was when to exit. It did the usual “jigging” about towards the end, but I managed to close at 2.92 -I did go lower, but I’m happy with 2.92, Nearly £19 on this. For a daily profit of £33

Weekly review

After a little persuasion I restarted the Racing Trades on Wednesday, so not a full week. This week we had 10 back trades, of which 8 were winning trades. The profit was £125. We only had 1 Lay trade, which was a winner too for £36. That makes the profit for the week of £161. Not too bad. Total for the Month is £240. No reason to suppose we cannot double that, considering I put in a £100 loss last Saturday when the site went down (Betfair) and we missed a few days at the start of the week. I’m going to stick in a target to aim for of £350. thanks for your support. MG

11 thoughts on “Racing Trades: 16th March – Daily & weekly review

  1. hi mugs,
    just finished work,so a bit tired i cant believe people are not replying.well done some good results and i have enjoyed the videos this week,especially yesterdays,which i watched this morning, and made me late for work.keep up the good work.

  2. Got to say mugs…..really impressed with the output. I only came across the site this morning via Bet Angel and have spent far too much time trawling through all the vids, advise and blog entries than I should have! So credit to you for taking time out of your day and putting all this info out there for free and I have signed up to ‘The Inside Track’ immediately. Out of curiosity….is that a Cov accent I hear??

    Keep up the good work,


    • Cheers Rob. Chuffed you recognise the accent. Hate being labelled a Brummie by everyone south of MK :). Even my Mrs calls me a Brummie. Re: The vids. I spend too much time making them 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to comment, appreciate it.

  3. HiMugs, been busy reading and watching the vids over the last couple of weeks and i have to say that the information that you are sharing is first class.
    Keep up the great work.

  4. Great videos – you give me so courage with them.

    And also I go for Betform – because I would like to learn how to find profitable soccer trade.And,I think with your advices and tips I will learn.

    Thanks a lot.

  5. No probs mate……….been a CCFC season ticket holder for 15 years so that accent isn’t passing me by without comment!

  6. Hi Mugs

    Only had Bet Angel for a month and completely new to trading. Really appreciate the Vids, which must take up a fair amount of your time. Found all your vids on YouTube here for anyone interested.

    There’s just so much to learn and these vids are so helpful.

    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

    • Thanks Peter. All my videos are on here too, (they are all over the place)!
      Great that they are helping you. Please make the blog a regular place to visit. I am always adding new stuff. Cheers MG

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