Racing Trades 27th March & Racing Preview Video – Evening Review

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Wetherby 4:30: Rebel Swing: 7/1 for the arbers: 8.6 stop loss 10.5

Southwell 5:30 Al Amaan: 3/1 4.3 stop loss 5.4


Southwell 3:35 LAY Hanna Turn @ 1.9 stop loss 1.77


Evening Review:

First I’ll rip though the racing trades. Hannahs Turn was a nice drifter went out to around 2.2 before coming in close to the start. I got out easily at 2.14 to make £23 profit.

The first Back Rebel Swing looked unlikely to get matched at one time. But even close to the start 8.6 was availablr. It flirted with that price before moving down a few ticks to make £12.

The 2nd of the backs looked promising, it went in as low as 3.85 before bouncing. I closed for a 2 tick profit as I could see the favourite was being backed in. It made £4.

Overall not too bad, the daily profit was nearly £40.

I think the preview video through up a couple of gems.The 1st one I mentioned Special mix in the 2:20 was a drifter unfortunately, but 10 – 12.5 is not the end of the world. Global Flyer in the 2:50 Weth went from 10 to 7, Neptune Equester was backed as soon as Brian Ellison had winner in the 2:20. It cam e in from 4.2 to as low as 3.45. It drifted back out before the off. But went on to win.

My fancy for Rylee Mooch in the 4:05 Lingfield was well founded. It was backed from 4.9 into 3.8.

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6 thoughts on “Racing Trades 27th March & Racing Preview Video – Evening Review

  1. hi mugs,
    just a quick question,do you ever bother with automation,eg offset bet with greening and a trailing stop on bet angel,on early trades.i ask because i tinkered with it ages ago,but never use anything like it any more.just like to hear your comments,as peter always makes things look easy on his training videos,however we know the truth lol
    thanks peter

    • No Peter. I never do this. The reason is because the nature of the markets and prices. Because there are gaps. If you set the stop loss, 9 times out of 10 your stop is triggered when it shouldn’t be. The prices will naturally jump around. Just like they do in the “live shows”. But it’s the long term trend we are trading. It’s a shame, but that’s how it is. I looked at March s bets earlier in the month. On the losing trades, if you had ignored the stop loss and took BFSP you would have made about £20 less. I don’t get too hung up about the stop loss. But it is important to have some control. A line to draw if you like. If you see what happened to the horse yesterday that went from 7.8 to 15(?) I may visit some automation stuff for BA later during the summer. 🙂 Cheers MG

    • I do sometimes. But because I such a sad act, and pretty much sit at my desk all day (and night). I am in control of things. If you would like me to show you guys how to use guardian and excel to manage your trades I can knock up a video and show you. Let me know.:)

  2. Hi Mugs
    That would be useful for me. I’m ok with guardian but never really got my noggin round excelin betangel.
    I was rewtching a video today and you said that one of your golden rules was not trading wolverhampton on a friday night. Are there any other courses/times best avoided?


    • Hi Andy, I am wary about trading Ffos Las and any evening meeting. Once the evening meetings get going I tend to keep going until I “feel” the markets getting difficult. Sometimes you can go to the end, other times I stop after the first race. I can choose so it’s not too bad. If the only chance you get to trade is in the evening, then it’s better than nothing. Friday night at Wolves you get some mad moves. It’s great if you are on the right side of them. Mostly I am not 🙂 I’ll have a go with an excel video when I get an hour. Cheers MG

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