Racing Trades 20th March – Evening review

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Warwick 4:05: Madame Allsorts: 8/1 for the arbers – 7.8 and a stop loss of 9.8

Haydock 5:20: Operatic heights 4/1 bookies. 5.0 and stop loss at 6.2

Poor day, only 2 cards and very few runners. This doesn’t suit this style of trading. I have money in the queues at these prices. It will go down as no bet if i am not matched. Gives everyone a fairer chance then. I don’t want to you to think you’re missing out !

Evening Review:

Nothing to exciting today, you may want to see the video I posted earlier where i previewed todays racing LINK. There are a couple of beauties in there. Our Joey 10-7 and I am Colin which I mentioned I wanted to Lay at 2.96 – it hit over 5. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Back to the trades we did have. Madame Allsorts was a nice trade, The move didn’t happen until late on, I have the video of this I may post later, it’s well boring though. 7.8 to 5.3 ain’t bad in anyones book. A profit of £42.

Our second runner was Operatic Heights, this moved in before drifting badly. It hit the stop loss and the loss was -£19.33

Our daily profit was just short of £23. Weekly goes to over £130. Monthly pushing toward £350.

6 thoughts on “Racing Trades 20th March – Evening review

  1. Thanks for the video. It was very enlightening. Have you reached 100 subscribers yet?
    I was going to mention the blog to my mates on trading There are always newbies and inexperienced traders there. I know they would benefit.

    • I used to subscribe to Ads and Bingo are top blokes, anyone is welcome 🙂 – I have 62 subscribers on YTube now,it’s turning into a monster 🙂 Cheers MG

  2. Good vids mate , you will know me as legendz on the bet angel forum, football and dogs and in play horses have been my thing , had bet angel for about 4 years and never really got into trading pre off before until I watched some of your vids, I got 2 or 3 really useful pointers from the first vid I watched which prompted me to give pre off another go , I quite enjoyed it and turned a profit for the first time trading pre off , yesterday wasn’t so good I was tired and there was only 2 meetings so that might have effected it a little but still turned a small profit , have subbed on YouTube and will follow on twitter later on.

    Keep it up , best trading vids I have seen, spot on !!!

    • Thanks Lee, The BFP thread has turned ugly. I won’t be saying anything on BA anymore. You know where to find me here mate. yesterday was a cruel day. cards were utter garbage and shape of races difficult. Make sure to subscribe in the “inside track” box. I am trying to give the subscribers some extra stuff when it arises. Cheers MG

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