Racing Trades & Preview Video 25th March

If you want to see how to get the best out of my trades see HERE

440 Lingfield: Petersboden 6/1 for arbers. 7.0  and stop loss at 8.8
5:10 Lingfield: Laughing Jack: 13/2 bookies – 7.2 and stop loss at 9

My Preview video is here

Evening Review

It couldn’t get any worse than 2 selections both hitting the stop loss. My apologies if you too were on the receiving end. On the positive side we are still £300 up for this very difficult month.
I have been swerving selection over the past few days because of inconsistent early markets due to non runners and poor weather. I should have kept to that instead of trying to be clever.
Tomorrow is another day MG

4 thoughts on “Racing Trades & Preview Video 25th March

  1. hi mugs,
    its probably my fault,its the first time ive i btl all your selections lol,still banks in tact thanks to fav in first and stop loss,roll on tomorro,onwards and upwards.keep smiling

  2. I love this blog and the videos, you translate whats happening very clearly and I am learning a lot, Thanks for the effort you put in to share its appreciated!

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