Racing Trades 26th Feb

Todays trades: I will review this after racing to give a recap of how things went in the markets


Lingfield 3:10 Menadati 4.3 – stop loss position 5.4

Leicester 5:00 Quinte Du Chatelet 4.9 stop loss 6


Lingfield 3:40 Spin Again 3.35 stop loss 2.72

Catterick 3.50 Buthelezi 1.87 stop loss position 1.72

Catterick 4:50 No Way Hozay Lay at 2.92 Stop loss 2.44


This was the first day of the 12:15pm format. I’d be interested to know how you guys managed? I cannot see any reason why everyone did not get matched at the prices (or even better) that I put up.

We started with Menadati, the price was stable until the live shows. Then slowly drifted into the stop loss. No a great start.

2nd up was Spin Again, this was never in doubt, but wasn’t as spectacular as I hoped. it hit as high as 3.65 before moving in again close to the off. I closed on the way back down at 3.45 for a very small profit of a couple of quid.

Next up was the very short priced Buthelezi. I had this down as a weak favourite, although every other horse except 1 was long odds. These type of races can be dangerous because if you call it wrong there is no opposition to it steaming against you. At one stage I really though this was going to really drift, but despite at one point hitting 2.1 it closed at 2.04. Profit was about £18.

The last of the Lay2backs was No Way Hozay. Another relatively easy trade, there was never any drama as it never looked like coming back in. Closed at 3.4 for £14. I didn’t watch the race but I understand the poor horse had a horror fall and unfortunately lost it’s life. I take no pleasure from winning after something like this happens. Things are put into perspective. My thoughts are with the poor Lad/Lass who will be going home alone tonight no doubt feeling devastated.

The final runner as Quinte du Chatelet. This moved up and down between 5 and 4.2 like a see saw. I had seen enough and closed at 4.4 for another small profit of around £10

Overall the day produced a profit of £24.19. Not great, but if you made that 5 days a week that’s over £6000 a year – tax free.

Make sure you read the GUIDE if your getting involved

4 thoughts on “Racing Trades 26th Feb

  1. Enough!!! Enough!!! LOL

    Should be Leicester 5:00 NOT 3:00

    Did you know that in the 4:50 Catterick race, The Foxs Decree has traded odds on inplay ten times, but only won once!!

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