Racing Trades 27th Feb


2:50 Bangor Shady Lane Back @ 5.2 Stop loss 6.6

3:10 Lingfield  Sawago back @5/4.9 stop loss 6.2/6


2:40 Lingfield Grace and Fortune LAY @ 1.79 – stop loss 1.65

5:10 Lingfield LAY Giveagirlachance @2.44-2.48 Stop loss at 2.14 – 2.18

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Evening review:

The day started with a lay2back bet at Lingfield. Pretty poor choice form the moment I Layed it. drifted and didn’t come back. I have mentioned before about using a little common sense with these trades. If it’s obviously drifting and shows now signs of stopping, there is no reason not to change direction with your trade. I did that in the live show and turned what started out as a loss into a nice profit. Went off at 1.9 BFSP in the end. Goes down as a MAX LOSS.

Second up 10 mins later was our first back2lay Shady Lane. This had slammed into the Stop loss at 6.6. It went as high as 8.4. Have a really bad run of things with the back2lays in week or so.

Next up at 3:10 the 2nd back2lay. This didn’t really move very far at all. I closed at 5.2 near the off and lost 1 tick. My whole selection process has been changed to accommodate getting everyone matched. First I changed the price range, then the time of picking them. I have done the same thing for 5 years or so with excellent results. This change may not be a good thing. If they don’t make money there is little point doing them (Have I said that before? ) 🙂 However, if you followed all the back2lays and managed to get matched your sitting on near 30% ROI (profit against max liability advised at 20% loss of stake) 45 bets £270 profit. 45 x £20= £900 max risk.

However the Lay2backs are proving a real “earner”. The last horse Giveagirlachance drifted so badly at one point I though one of her legs was in plaster. I watched this drift and drift. It hit 3.65 and then started to come back. My assessment of the market led me to close on the way back at 3.4. I then even had a few more ticks as the price fell further by backing it. In liquid markets on short prices you can really get stuck in and make nice returns. Have a look at the Betfair graph of this one!










So overall today we lost just under £7, which is pretty s***.

I want to do a quick review of the Lay2backs. I am thinking of focusing on these type of bets rather than the back bets. There are a couple of reasons.

  • They are short priced, so getting matched is not usually an issue.
  • The “upside” is generally bigger. The horse we layed at 1.79 had a long way to go to hit it’s SL of 1.65 (which it did of course) but the upside is much greater as we saw with Giveagirlachance.
  • Out of the 11 trades I have put up 9 have ended in winning positions, 8 of them have made 20% ROI of liability and 3 of those 40%.

They certainly fit the criteria of having multiple trades on them.  Sorry about the loss today. They are only borrowing it!

5 thoughts on “Racing Trades 27th Feb

  1. Really enjoying seeing the trades – it’s great to watch them (with the power of hindsight) and see how the market moves, so thanks for posting them.

    What would also be helpful is to see a video of a losing trade. I think your followers would benefit from seeing how you manage it, setting a stop loss etc and also seeing that the pros lose as well sometimes. I know that you know it, but people will never win unless they learn how to deal with and accept losses.

    By the way, if you’re using Bet Angel, how do you set up the single ladder with graphs?!

    • A losing trade? Are you kidding? I’m a pro – there are no losing trades my friend
      Ok ok I lied. I do have a losing trade on video, it will be up later. I can’t post many of them, the really bad ones have some serious swearing on them 🙂 I will do a set up video and show you exactly how I have mine set up.

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