Racing Trades 28th Feb



4:20 Southwell Ascendant 3.9 stop loss 4.9

4:40 Taunton Benedictus 5.9 stop loss 7.4


3:10 Taunton: Jump City LAY @ 2.38 / 2.42 Stop loss is set at 2.1/2.14

3:40 Taunton Jupiter Rex LAY 1.74 / 1.77 Stop loss 1.62 – 1.65

4:10 Taunton LAY Thunderstorm 1.83 – 1.86 Stop Loss 1.69 – 1.72

5:00 Ludlow Flash Cash LAY 2.14-2.16 Stop Loss 1.94 – 1.97 (DO NOT CHASE THIS)

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Review of day:

The day started badly with Jump City turning from a drifter to one of the best backed horses of the day. The stop loss was hit at a loss of £18 .49 was taken. However, this is not how I traded it. I managed to capture what I did on video. I have posted it so you can see how it is possible to turn a losing position into a winning one.

Jump City goes down as a loss of £18.49

2nd up 30 minutes later was Jupiter Rex after an initial drift during the live show, it went as high as 1.88. There was pressure building against it and I closed at 1.85 as the price fell. It kept on falling back to where we started. But a profit of £19 goes in the satchel.

The 3rd trade of the day was the hot favourite ridden by AP McCoy. AP’s horses are nearly always over bet. The guy is a living legend and punters know if he’s riding they get the very best assistance from the saddle. I spotted Bold Chief as a mover at lunch. The reason I did not put it up as a back2lay instead of laying Thunderstorm was I thought it may have run out of steam. I was half right. Between Bold Chief and the David pipe horse there was enough pressure to cause a slight drift to 1.91 when I closed. Another small profit of just over £11.

Next was the first of 2 back2lays. Ascendent. When the live show started it was just under our opening position. It basically moved between 3.6 and 4.7 and settled in between. I got out early at 4.4 as I saw this going nowhere. A loss of £9.

The 2nd of the back2lays was next. Benedictus was another slow mover. Not too difficult to trade as it didn’t do anything. I closed at 5.3 for another £11 profit. It went on to win.

Last horse of the day was Flash Cash. My brother in law calls me this, but he alters the last 3 letters of Cash. 🙂 A really nice easy drift on this it went as high as 2.5. I traded out at 2.42 for a nice easy 20 quid (ish)

We ended the day with a profit of £33.

Look out for my post about the end of month review

4 thoughts on “Racing Trades 28th Feb

  1. Thanks for those, Mugs. There are many tipping services that give out their selections in the later part of the morning that often cause sudden moves – justified or not. Do you find it helps or hinders when looking for trades?

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