Racing Trades: 5th March

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3:30 Exeter Ballyegan 7.2 (13/2 bookies) Stop loss 9.0 Some of my money is still in queue at 7.2, if it’s not all matched it goes down as NO BET, so don’t chase this price down

3:50 Newcastle Party Rock – 2.86 stop loss 3.6 – this is a fast mover, may not get this one 

4:10 Southwell Amtired 9/2 – 5.5 slop loss 6.8

4:50 Newcastle Railway Dillon 9/2: 5.0 stop loss 6.2


4:00 Exeter LAY Abnaki @ 2.94 – Stop loss 2.56

5:00 Exeter: Chilbury Hill LAY @2.66 stop loss 2.36

Evening Review:

Well that was a blinder. I’ll walk you though the trades and post some of the videos of the trades.

5 trades today. First was Ballyegan at Exeter. This didn’t really go anywhere, after an initial drift it moved in enough to make 1 tick. I was relieved tbh. The whole day was a struggle because of a terrible fall at Newcastle. I hope the jockey (Gemma Tutty) is ok. All the races were delayed and this caused timing issues.

The 2nd race was the gamble of the day Party Rock. I was worried we wouldn’t get matched. But I have been sticking some money on 10 mins after I put the horses up to see if it gets matched at the price I advise. If it doesn’t then it’s no bet. There was no problem with any of them today. This one flew. Instead of me waffling you can watch the video and listen to me waffle on instead. It won as it liked.

The next race ran into the Party Rock trade, so I didn’t maximise the profit Abnaki was a LAY and even though AP McCoy was onboard it drifted in the face of strong opposition from the original 2nd fav. 2,94 to 3.75 and a nice £20 for the account. A short video of this trade to follow.

Amtired was a very late mover, aided by the favourite running loose and drifting badly. We got lucky with this one. A welcome £23 and it won as well.

The best trade of the day came from railway Dillon at Newcastle. from 5 a nice steady steam into 3.55. I closed on the way back up at 3.65, it drifted a little more before running a great race (hit 1.5 in play)  a £35 profit on this.

Last was the 2nd LAY on Chilbury Hill. Another easy trade form 2.66 up to my close of 2.96 (went over 3) a disappoint return of only £11.59 was due to the higher than ideal price initially.

So overall a profit of £115.78 – happy with that. Hope you guys are too.

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  1. What a superb blog site. Came across the link on BA forum, I’ve only read a couple of pages up to now but I wanted to say thanks for a great blog and site, refreshing change to alot of other web posts.

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