Racing Trades 8th March – Evening Review


3:45 Ayr: Twentypoundluck 6/1 6.6 stop loss 8.2

4:20 Ayr: Mac Steamy 5/1: 5.6 stop loss at 7

5:30 Ayr: Flying Squad 6/1 7.0 stop loss 8.8                   Recent non runner – gaps in market        DO NOT TAKE LOWER THAN 7

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Evening review

After a couple of shaky days we are back on form with a nice profitable day.

1st up Twentypoundluck. Was a slow starter, but steamed in from the 6.6 into 4.5 no danger at any point in this trade and a handsome profit of £44 in the bag.

Next along was Mac Steamy 5.4 (there was a small reduction factor applied due to a non runner) into 4.3 when I closed, a slight drift back then in again to an BFSP of 4.04. A nice easy £24

Last was Flying Squad. This was uneasy and when I got the race it was 7.8 from 7. I thoght it was going to drift and decided to close, just before I hit the button it moved in 2 ticks, so I waited, luckily for me it slowly dropped to 6.6 before drifting back and forth between 6.8 and 7.2. I managed to close at 6.8 for a 1 tick profit. It went on to win very easily.

Overall 3/3 and a satisfactory day. A profit of just over £70. Takes the week up to £180 profit.

2 thoughts on “Racing Trades 8th March – Evening Review

  1. Hi Mugs.

    Careful this is fast becoming a must read/visit site. Well done mate.

    Have you considered setting up a channel on YouTube. Your fans would then be able to subscribe. You would also be able to organize the vids.

    • You mean like this one? 🙂
      LOL “Fans” I feel like Justin Beiber. Sites coming on well, really glad you like it, thanks for your comment MG

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