Racing Trades for 25th Feb


Wolverhampton 4:30 B2L He’s A Striker 3.05 Stop Loss is 3.8

Plumpton 4.40 B2L Southway Star 7.2 Stop Loss 9



Kempton 2:20 Lay 1st: Tidy Affair LAY @ 2.0 Stop loss 1.8


The first trade “Tidy Affair” was an issue this morning. I had a few people saying they could not get matched. It went from 2 to 2.24 very quickly. But it crashed down and was as low as 1.91. I would hope if you have read the instructions of How to Get the best out of my trades, you would have left your money in and got matched. I closed this at 2.54, it hit 2.6 and I closed after it had peaked as I saw it was on the way back down Please have some patience with these trades. This style of long term trading may be not what some of you are used to. Patience my friends! Patience!

Poor day overall. The £40 profit on Tidy Affair was all but wiped out on the other 2 runners. He’s a Striker, after initially moving in drifted steadily once the live show started. This was never going to come back as the other 2 fancied horses were both shortening up. I exited at 3.2 after giving it every chance to move back in. Southway Queen looked promising around lunch, but was a bad drifter and hit the SL. It ran a great race and was beaten a short head in the photo after hitting 1.23 in play. (Not that any of that matters)

For explanation of how to get the best from these bets see HERE

8 thoughts on “Racing Trades for 25th Feb

  1. Hello,

    Don’t get me wrong , this is not intended as a complaint as you are of course in no way obligated to provide anything to anyone at all and you have no doubt spent many years getting to the stage where you are now and the information on this blog has been very useful to me and a fascinating insight into some of the thoughts of a sports trading pro and for that i thank you.

    However , the pre race horse suggestions are ( not always but a lot of the time ) almost impossible to get on at the price you suggest. For example todays K2.20 – lay at 2.0. I was in bet angel 10 seconds after the post went up – 2.0 was gone so i tried at 2.04. No joy and its now at 2.16.

    Its great info but if you can’t get on then it may become very frustrating for users of the blog as if you can’t get on then there’s not much point.

    I for one would pay for a subscription if i could have a better chance of getting matched.

    I just thought you may want to know as i cant get on at the prices you suggest so it must be the same for everyone so i’ll keep trying for a bit but then i think i’ll keep more of an eye on your other posts because i just cant get matched on the horses.

    • This is a problem that is frustrating, I take onboard what you are saying. On most occasions if you leave your money at the price I suggest you will get matched during the next hour of so. Sometimes we get on a flyer. The horse you mention is such a trade. I think the issue may be my trades are more popular than I imagined. I suppose when people see something authentic and profitable they want a piece of the action. But I am in agreement about if you can’t get matched and feel your missing out their is little point in following me. At 10:00am the the Kemp 2:20 had only £11,189 matched dividing this by 2 means actually less than 6k has been bet on this race. It’s Monday morning, this is the quietest time of the week. I suppose it;s unrealistic to expect everyone to get matched, Btw as I type this at 11:10 you can get 2.06. Which backs up my point about leaving your money in the market. To address this I am going to make some changes to how & when my trades go out. Please bear with me, I haven’t done anything like this before so I am learning as I go along. A subscription wouldn’t make any difference at this point. I want to keep my advice free if I can. Pop back later and look to see what I propose to do about it.

        • I have been trying to learn from the tips being given rather than try to make a profit. When the tips become available I frantically do screen grabs, then try to learn from the information there why the selections look like moving in price, and it seems to be helping my selection process as I had already laid this horse at 1.84.

          Can’t thank you highly enough for giving the chance to learn this way – keep it up.

  2. All good mugs! Quiet morning indeed,look forward to your proposal.Im having a little tickle on Southway Queen P16.40 seems to a bit of money about for this one .STRANGE is good !

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