Racing Trades, Preview Video & Evening Review 10th April


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I have money in the queues at all these prices. If ALL of my money is not matched the trade goes down as no trade. If it goes significantly lower, I will cancel the trade if the momentum goes against it.

Back Trades

2:40 Nottingham: Moviesta: 4/1/ 4.7 stop loss 5.9

4:00 Lingfield: A Ladies Man: 3/1 4.0 stop loss 5.0

5:20 Catterick: Knightly Escapade 7/2 4.7 – Stop loss 5.9

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That complets the trades:
Preview Video

Evening Review:

I cannot tell you how frustrated I am today, first up was Moviesta at Nottingham, in truth it didn’t do much. I closed at scratch. No harm done.

The 2nd runner was A Ladies Man at Lingfield. This drifted badly, straight past the stop loss at 5 and even hit 6!. Then  was aggressively back right in to fav and 3.6 at the off. What should have been a profit ended in a max loss.

The 3rd runner should have been a real flyer once it’s main danger Annas Arch was withdrawn. It moved in a few ticks for a small profit. A disappointing and frustrating day overall.

Video Preview: Highs and Lows

2:00 Lingfiled: Archeloa: Caught my eye but wasn’t strong enough. 7.8 into 4.8 WON
2:10 Nottingham: Elhaame: 1.62 weak out to 2.1 Stepping Ahead 5.8 into 3.5 WON
2:20 Catterick: Ridgeblade 11.5 – 8.4 (2.22 in play)
2:30 Lingfield: Custom House: 6.8 – 11. I managed to get out with a small profit before it started to drift – Qeethaara went from 4.3 into 4 WON
2:50 Catterick: Polar Kite The strongest horse in the race by far. 2.9 into 2.35 WON
3:00 Lingfield: Dark Lane: I expected this to be strong. It wasn’t 2.84 out to 3. I though Desert Strike might be the danger. 5 out to 6.8 WON
3:20 Catterick. I spoke about Glennridding being a front runner. He was taken on an never got to the front.
3:30 Lingfield: King Bertie 2.84 “An uneasy favourite” out to 4.6! Lionheart “interesting runner” 7.2 into 5.1 2nd
3:40 Nottingham. “The 2nd and 3rd fav may be pushing Sir Graham Wade out : 2.64 out to 3.4
4:20 Catterick: I talked about Hugh Taylors selections drifting. 5.9 out to 8.8 – place market followed Place SP 2.57 so very tradable.
4:30 Lingfield: Another Cocktail was the Richard Hughes runner, he had had a previous winner, my thoughts were there would be doubles and trebles rolling up on him so be aware of it. I said he was strong and could see no opposition. 1.94 into 1.58 WON. A massive move.
4:40 Nottingham Singersongwriter. I though this would stay strong 1.86 – 1,95/ But traded well below 1.86 as it went up and down several times pre race.
4:50 Catterick: Another Hugh Taylor runner Arizona John 5.4 – 9.4 Place SP 2.42
5:00 Lingfield: Refreshtheparts. Another Hughes runner – 2 winners so far 2.52 – 2.04 WON. I said Yojojo was weak. that went from 2.68 out to 2.9
5:10 Nottingham: Standing Bear 9.8 but only £400 traded drifted like it had no legs at all to 17. The “popular” jockeys were backed in. Ryan Mooores’ horse went from 3.5 into 2.84

A pretty successful day I reckon for the preview video.




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  1. Being sucked in and having money stolen is somthing I’ve gotten used to lol, your blog is inspiring the way you give explanations in different situations is very clear and simple . Over complicating thing this is somthing I am guilty of I think ! What sort of set up do you use do you just use one monitor ? What sort annual income are you happy earn from your level of trading ? Thanks .

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