Racing Trades, Preview Video, Evening Review AND a Trading Video!: 11th April

If you want to see how to get the best out of my trades see HERE

I have money in the queues at all these prices. If ALL of my money is not matched the trade goes down as no trade. If it goes significantly lower, I will cancel the trade if the momentum goes against it.

Back Trades

3:30 Wincanton: CeePeeGee:  9/2 – 5.3 stop loss  6.6

3:40 Ludlow: Fiendish Flame: 5/1 – 6.2 stop loss 7.8

5:30 Kempton: Warbond: 5/1 6.2 stop loss 7.8

Lay Trades

2:50 Fontwell: Seebright LAY @2.5 stop loss (10%) 2.28

Thats all the trades

Preview Video:

Evening Review:
The first trade was a Lay on Seebright. This went against us and the tight stop loss limited the loss to only £12
The 2nd trade was a back trade on CeePeeGee. This was a nice straightforward mover and I closed at 4.1, I caught it after it bottomed out a couple of ticks below that. A nice £27 profit.
Next was Fiendish Flame. It was evident straight away this wasn’t moving. I closed for scratch – no harm done. Last up was the 5:30 Kempton and the back trade on Warbond. It turned out to be a beauty as it traded from 6.2 into below 4. I closed at 4.1 and it drifted a few ticks more to around 5. A really nice £48 profit and a daily profit of over £60.

Video Preview: Highs and Lows

10 thoughts on “Racing Trades, Preview Video, Evening Review AND a Trading Video!: 11th April

  1. It took me about an hour to prepare my own notes and tag them alongside your outlook for the day. Don’t know how trading will turn out today, but thanks for helping prepare thoroughly. That’s great help.

  2. Hi mg ,nice preview as usual and today was my first day to try a few trades 🙂
    After watching most of your vides 10 times over in last 3 days i jumped in today with 5 trades and it was a great feeling to be in profit in 3 of them 1 scratched for no loss and a small £3.30 loss on the last.The stop loss i set caused the loss on the last horse and after reviewing your guidance i had set my loss way too tight,the trade started off ok then quickly turned and hit my stop which was 5 ticks 🙁 but as soon as the stop got activated the bloody trade went the other way and if i had set a 20% stop as you advise i would have gone in front by 15 ticks lol but its all a learning curve mate and thanks to you and the work your putting in to show how you think and act i am gaining confidence already and can see certain things happening that i never noticed before.

    I still do my usual lay bets and i do pretty well with how i approach them but your insight into trading will hopefully in the long term add another string to my bow and put a bit extra profit my way each week,i made a quite respectful £35.74 from my first time trading today mate only with small stakes and i can now see why you need to learn to take losses rather than chase losses big big difference lol and i think thats the first thing us newbies to trading need to do. Well happy with how it went today mate and thats down to you thanks so much for these preview /trading vids they are priceless. Hope you have a good day mate all the best 🙂

    • Really chuffed with that Darren. The fact that you are seeing the benefits of managing your trades with discipline will stand you in good stead. Nice work. WD – MG

      • Figured out why my stop loss was so tight on that losing trade today mg haha i had put on a trailing stop instead of just the normal stop loss so it follows the money up which i didn’t know at the time so from what i have learnt today a trailing stop will follow you up but cut out at a different price than i thought is that right mate ?…Good turn around on that trade today too it sure was a tricky one to weigh up but at least you got something worthwhile from it 🙂

  3. Evening. More great videos and advice. By the way, what live streaming do you use? At the races? And if so, is it via internet or TV?
    Cheers, K

    • Kev, I have ATR and RUK via Sky. For pre race trading it’s fine. I even manage to trade ok in play, but saying that my in play trading isn’t really based on speed anyway. Cheers MG

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