Racing Trades, Preview Video & Evening Review 2nd April

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Back Trades

Exeter 2:10 Molon Labe 9/2: 5.4 stop loss 6.8

Exeter 3:10 Quarl Ego 9/2: 5.9 – stop loss 7.2

Kempton 5:00: Homeward Strut 8/1: 8.6 stop loss 10.5

Preview Video:

Evening Review:

The first race was plagued with non runners. This pretty much doomed the trade. As you’ll see in the preview video not all of my bet was matched. But it goes down in the results anyway. The 3 non runners had a combined reduction factor of 31.3% – This reduced the odds on our runner to 3.71. When i got to the live shows it was 4.5. I closed at that for a loss of £17.

The second runner was interesting.3:10 exeter Quarl Ego.  Even 7 mins out it was 5.2. (see pic) My trade was cancelled, unmatched. It then drifted past the 5.9 I offered. This is why I keep going on about being on the right side of the momentum. (See preview video at 11:09 I explain this again)
It goes down as no bet.


The final trade was the best trade ever advised on this blog. 5:00 Kempton had Homeward Strut at 8.6. It was 6 when the on course market opened. I closed just before the off at 3.85. It was relentless. A huge £117 profit!
Gives us £171 profit just 2 days into the month.

I hope you watched the preview video, I got more right than wrong, plus a couple of real howlers! MG

4 thoughts on “Racing Trades, Preview Video & Evening Review 2nd April

  1. Looks like your carrying a lot of weight now Muggsy, as of 1036 a.m. the prices advised on your trades had long gone. No point chasing them down, so its encouraging me to find my own way in, which is a fantastic learning curve when utilizing the knowledge from the videos. I’ve doubled my bank in the 6 weeks i’ve been on this blog and over the last 3 weeks my own selections have kept the profit flowing. Keep up the good work man, I’ve learnt a shed-load from your videos, far more important than the tips you give out imo, the tips should be a starting point for newbies to get a feel for there new found trading wings, then go fly on your own once the confidence is there.



    • Matt, I can’t tell you how glad I am about that. That’s exactly the point. I say it all the time. I am not a tipster, I do not want to be a tipster. It’s the process that’s important. Learn the skill, how to manage the trades. You have a life time of income long after I have gone. great work mate. MG

  2. That’s how I find it as well, just selecting my own early markets and then doing the pre-race. After many years of trying I can now trade – you can’t believe how good that feels. A sincere thank you to you Mugs.

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