Racing Trades, Preview Video & Evening review: 3rd April

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Back Trades

4:10 Wetherby: The Panama Kid: 7/1 8.4 stop loss 10.5 AMENDMENT 7.4 stop loss 9.2

5:30 Kempton: Silver Fawn 7/1 8.4 stop loss 10.5

Preview Video:

There are a couple of things so say about the first runner. After yesterdays great results my over confidence bought me straight back down to earth. I broke one of my own rules about chasing down prices. I amended the original 8.4 to 7.4. This was a mistake as it soon bounced back. However, in the end it didn’t make too much difference as the runner drifted back past our original stop anyway. One to forget, but a lesson retaught.

The 2nd runner Silver Fawn in the 5:30 at Kempton looked ok, but 10 minutes out stated to drift. The market was very thin at this point, it did rally and I managed to close at 8. There was a non runner in this race which reduced our price to 7.34 once the reduction factor had been applied. It went on to win the race in a photo, the 2nd placed horse being matched at 1.02 in play. It takes £27 off the total, but still £144 up for the week.

You may notice in the results table I have started to add the place SP. I did some back testing of the placed results since the beginning of March. Backing every selection in the Betfair place market at SP gave a profit of 21.29 points. The April total is within the Stats section in the bottom of the result. Currently + 0.28 pts. I am not recommending you back them or anything like that. But it’s worth keeping an eye on.

3rd april backs

Lets hope it’s better tomorrow – MG



9 thoughts on “Racing Trades, Preview Video & Evening review: 3rd April

  1. Hi MG – bad luck today mate but this is inspirational to me that if Pros like yourself have occasional bad trades then it helps “just about Intermediates” in pre the off like me realise that I have to accept the downside as long as there are more ups than downs, and when there is a down it is in the same proportion as an up (if that makes any sense).

    Love the videos and look forward to them each evening after work – sorry to be a pain as you may have done this elsewhere but any chance of scribbling down a few golden nuggets as to the things to look for when looking for in a morning B2L and things to give a wide swerve to.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work.



    • Cheers Mick. Picking out the morning trades is pretty straightforward. Rather than me trying to detail how it’s done. I think if you regularly watch my morning preview videos that gives plenty of clues.The main thing you need is momentum. The other key thing is make sure there is plenty of liquidity on which you base your judgement on.
      Losing is part of winning. I am not good enough not to lose sometimes. As far as I am concerned it’s all about the end of month p&L. Even that is slightly short term. You get poor days, poor weeks and even poor months. FFS I am having a poor year this year so far. But it’s the long term view that’s important. 🙂 Cheers MG

      • Thanks for the pointers and for taking the time to reply MG much appreciated. Judging by the posts I have read on here you’ll be due a knighthood soon for services to training bet traders! : )



  2. It must be my lucky day. I backed it this morning and it was reduced to 6.85. I had stuck £85 on meaning to trade it later on and got sidetracked with school work (I teach at sceondary level). At 6pm I had this horrible thought and resigned myself to having lost the cash. I could not believe my eyes when I looked at my account. What a lovely surprise and thanks for the tip even though you don’t tip!

    I won’t make that same mistake again.

    • Lucky, lucky boy. They actually make a profit in the long term if you back them 🙂 Perhaps I should…..Nah! Stick that away for a rainy day. They come around in this game Peter. Cheers MG

  3. Hi MG,
    Just stumbled across your blog site. I was just about on the point of giving up completely as I am trying to get into trading with Bet Angel but it seems whatever I do, the market immediately changes direction and I find myself getting angry at the monitor. I know I need to cure this or I am destined to lose. Your blog may have just saved the day and I’m eagerly looking forward to the first day of Aintree with your blog.
    Thanks so much for doing this – I appreciate your wisdom and advice and I will see how it goes from now on. I have learnt so much just from watching a few of your videos. It seems I was just trying to randomly scalp without actually analysing anything. I was just ‘groping in the dark’ which we all know is wrong at every level.
    Cheers again, KW

    • Welcome Kev. I think this is the most common problem. By the time you recognised a move it’s too late. Have a read through my page called “Anatomy of a Trade”. Although nothing to do with racing it shows about structure in betting. This is very important. You need a reason to enter a trade. Otherwise you are guessing. There are a few big signals when you should be ready to enter a trade. The warning signs become apparent. You are just seeking confirmation then. This means you get on near the start of a steam or drift, or at worst the trade will have enough legs to make a few quid. The other thing I would say is be selective with your races. If you cannot see a clear entry point. Do nothing, wait until you see one. There are some days where I amy only trade 2 or 3 races. But I make these count. trading 27 races and losing on 24 of them means you have to win big just to break even at best. This is a key aspect of my trading. The other thing is if you see it going obviously wrong, do not be afraid to take a loss. If you sit there with your prayer book open, praying it will come back (I do this too much!) you may find it doesn’t.
      All the best . If you need help please ask. I’ll try my best to give you a straight answer. Cheers MG

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