Racing Trades, Preview Video & Evening Review: 4th April

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I have money in the queues at all these prices. If ALL of my money is not matched the trade goes down as no trade. If it goes significantly lower, I will cancel the trade if the momentum goes against it.

Back Trades

3:20 Taunton: Alasi: 5/1 (11/2 in a place) 6 -stop loss  7.4. The market is gappy. There is money below this but may bounce back.

4:05 Lingfield: Star of Rohm 9/2 5.5 stop loss 6.8

All trades live

Preview Video:

 Evening Review:

A disapointing day for the racing trades. Our first runner was in the 3:20 Taunton. Alasi did not get matched at the price I adviced. When the live show started I cancelled the trade. It subsequently drifted back up past the advised price. I think if you did (against my advice) take a lower price there would have been plenty of opportunity to take a small profit. It didn’t go far past the 6 mark. Goes down as no trade.

The 2nd runner, Star of Rohm ran in the 4:05 Lingfield. It ended up as a drifter due to the strength of other runners. Once the drift stared it quickly ran into the stop loss for a £19 loss.

We are still well in front on the week, but been a shocking last couple of days. Like I say, these trades are a long term project. I am very confident of turning a healthy profit every month.

Review of preview: 

I always find in beneficial to go back over what I thought before I knew what would happen 🙂 This helps to hone your skills. If you got it very wrong, find out why. If you got it right, do it again. That’s a good way to improve i think.

Lets blast through and see what happened.

2:10 taunton. Bach on Tow – 8.6 into 5.1 – Won

2:20 Ling. Shirataki 4.6 into 3.85 -won – Gabrials Hope 8.8 into 6.4 – 2nd

3:55 Taunton: Benbane Head. There were many non runners taking the 11 down to 6.33 . It went down as low as 5 and finished 3rd.

4:05 Ling was the Star of Rohm trade. I mentioned in the video that Hard Walnut looked like it may threaten. Well it did. It came in from  6.4 into 4.6 and won. Gutting.

5:05 taunton. This is what I said. “Benedictus caught my eye, but it has had only £600 traded on it, so you can’t take it seriously”. Hmmmmm, Perhaps I should have. It was backed from 16 into 9.8 and went on to win.

5:15 Lingfield, Shalwa. 18 mins in on the video (yawn) I gave some comprehensive reasons about this and the reasons why I didn’t put it up as a lay. well it carried on drifting from 2.1 out to 3.25. It was unplaced.

5:20 Wolves. Ice Magic was a hugh drifter from 7.6 to 16.5. Manx Missile 3.9 to 5.5. Couldn’t have been more wrong about this race.

5:35 Taunton- Dragons Den came in a couple of ticks.

Not too bad overall. I think there are a couple of good explanations buried underneath all that waffle 🙂



8 thoughts on “Racing Trades, Preview Video & Evening Review: 4th April

  1. Morning mg , this might sound like a daft question , i have been watching your back to lays but havent really had a dabble as i dont get to the pc till around 1pm , anyhow i know how to set the stop loss on the ladder interface but when switching markets it cancels the stop loss , so i was wondering how you place your stop losses or do you just keep an eye on them manually , thanks in advance Lee

    • Hi Lee,
      I watch them manually. Sticking in a SL will keep getting triggered due to gaps in the market. It’s a case of watching it unfortunately mate – MG

  2. Mugs

    Six weeks ago I would never have thought of looking for weak horses in a 2 v 1 or 3 v 1 even. Today I have just had my best lay trade ever. Diamond Lady in the 15:30 at Lingfield. First lay bet in at 4.8, then 5.1, 5.3, 5.5. The graphs all showed what was happening. As you have said in many of the videos “Whats going to stop it”.

    This is the very best trading course online by a bloody mile. And Its free!!

    I may make a decent trader at this rate.

    Thanks again.

    • That’s excellent to hear Nick. You know what? We have only just begun. Appreciate your confidence in me and your kind words. Cheers MG

  3. Can’t wait to see your evening review videos etc. Will be good to see how I went wrong yet again. However, today I have only lost about £28 up till now and only nearly threatened to break the computer about 3 times. That’s a vast improvement on the last few days, so I consider today a success. I messed up on the back/lays which lost me most of my money. As for trading, i didn’t even bother with aintree as they all seemed to be flatlining. Made a few quid on some and lost a few quid on others. I just hope I have the strength to stick in! K

    • kev, It’s a long bumpy road fella, make no mistake. maybe reduce your stakes until it clicks into place? Aintree is tough. I’m rubbish on the big meetings. It doesn’t suit my style. Be patient, and wait for clear opportunities. If it’s any comfort I am not ripping up any trees today mate. I have a great vid where I break the world record for the most swear words in sentence. I might have to ditch it. My internet dropped out. I abuse BT and their call centre staff badly. Might be a legal issue 🙂

      • MG, that’s great – I’d love to hear it. I think I may have just hit lucky by jumping on the bottom of a ladder in the 18:25 – The favourite looks as if its under a bit of pressure and I’m hoping to ride it out. All green at £2.98 now but will it last……….

        • …..nope, it didn’t. Ended up red -£10.37 after I scrabbled about trying to fix it. Plenty more rude words too. I need a beer……

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