Racing Trades, Preview Video & Evening Review: 8th April

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I have money in the queues at all these prices. If ALL of my money is not matched the trade goes down as no trade. If it goes significantly lower, I will cancel the trade if the momentum goes against it.

Back Trades

2:20 Kempton: Alutiq 3/1: 4 stop loss 5

4:40 Wolves: Go Far: 3/1 4.1 stop loss 5.1

Thats all the trades


Preview Video:

Looks like I just wasted 30 minutes as the sound did not record on this. I apologise for this. It makes it worthless. I can’t tell you how pissed off I am 🙂

Evening Review:

Really sorry about the preview video, as luck would have it it picked out a few beauties today.

In respect of the Racing Trades. The first runner Alutiq. On my video which I am sure you will watch later you will see I closed it at 4.1 – this was because I wanted to concentrate on the fav which I was trding. What happened to the fav influenced the price of Alutiq massivly. We were lucky there. (I wasn’t lucky as you will see).  £27 profit on this.

The 2nd trade was a cracker. Go Far went from 4.1 into 2.48 with no drama to record a profit of £62. A welcome £90 on the day.

I found the problem with the sound. I had moved the mic from 1 usb to another when I moved the pc out of the way so the BT engineer could fix my Broadband.I will test before I record in future.


18 thoughts on “Racing Trades, Preview Video & Evening Review: 8th April

  1. Morning. I sat last night and tried to find some trades. As I thought, it was just too early to tell what the market was doing, other than the 14:50 @ Kempton, where Aegaeus already had about 90% of the market (about £20K) and was looking strong. I laid a hefty amount at 2.44 and this morning it is still looking strong (although Tadabeer is starting to build some interest now) and it’s currently sitting at about 2. I should probably bail out now I think.
    I had just put money on Go Far as well. I hope it does !! 😉
    Thanks again MG – I’m feeling more confident every day now.

    • I don’t like getting involved too early Kev. The newspapers and website tipsters like Hugh taylor/ racing post boys have massive influence. A Hugh Taylor tip can change the whole race and leave you high and dry. That’s why I wait to see what he has put up before I get involved. Good work with Go Far. Looking good so far today. Cheers MG

    • Hi Adam, Sunday is often a tricky day. I did ok. But I scasle verything back on Sunday. My attitude to Sunday is “if I win anything it’s beer money” – even though I don’t drink 🙂 But you get the picture. MG

      • Ha yes mate I see what you mean, might just leave them alone in future!
        Well done on the footy trades again mate, 5*


    • Me neither Andy. Just checked the original copy. There is no sound. GRRRRRRRRR. I need to get a grip on this. Sorry mate

  2. No problem. I actually watched it anyway, bit of fun guessing what you would have been saying.

    There’s always tomorrow!


  3. Put this vid down as a tribute to the oscar winning movie The Artist 🙂

    4 winning trades out of 5 for me this afternoon. Following your methods for pre off trading. The more I watch and re-watch the trading videos the more I see.

    Hope you are having a good one.

  4. Superb Site, but unfortunately for you loads of questions, so please be patient.

    You really seem to favour markets where 2 or 3 horses take up the vast bulk of the market. Do you ignore markets for pre race that don’t fit this criteria ?

    On your set up you have multiple short term indicators, WOM, Bollinger bands and moving averages, etc. During your commentary you consistently refer to the “cruder” Betfair standard chart and make little reference to the short term indicators. How important do you think the short term indicators are ?

    Is there any indicator that shows if the fill rate is higher on the back or lay side for stagnant selections, and do you think it is a reliable indicator of future moves ?

    At what time in the morning do you normally select your early trades or do you have a minimum liquidity threshold before you dip into the market ?

    Do you vary your stake size to the race type or, am I over analysing by believing that certain markets such as maidens, or laden with unraced runners will be a lot more volatile than a handicap where multiple runners have multiple form lines.

    That’s just for starters, I hope you don’t mind the plethora of inane questions I will undoubtedly ask.

    • Hi there, I’ll try and answer your questions.
      Type of races: I don’t trade races in the “live show” (last 10 mins) than have anything bigger than 3.75 / 4. This is my preference. It suits my style. I am not saying you can’t trade higher prices. of course you ca. But this is easier for my style.
      The graphs I have set up are secondary in truth. I am more interested in identifying a clear mover and then waiting for a clear signal for an entry point. The “crude” Betfair chart is more than adequate for what I want. I want to see where it’s been, where it is and where it’s going. I want a snap shot, not a micro climate where every tick can be analysed. In regard to short term indicators they are not that important. Once I have identified the horse I want to trade and the direction I think it’s going. I either decide I have enough info to take a position, or wait for a stronger signal. That signal may be the behaviour of other runners. I only use graphs as a quick look. I am actually more focused on prices. The graphs are more a reminder than anything, They are more for the benefit of my viewers than myself tbh. In regard to fill rate, I make a manual assessment of this. I have referred to it in previous videos. But over thinking is a mistake many traders make. If you analyse every tiny move a runner trades you over react to the ebb and flow of the market. It’s the big picture that provides the best results. I need to see the whole market and what relationship each runner has with the horse I am trading.

      The morning trades start at 10:00. thats when all the bookies have the their prices up and the main tipsters (Hugh Taylor) has his bets up. I won’t get involved unless there is enough liquidity. That amount depends of the price of the horse and volume traded on it.

      Regarding the staking. Generally I start with blocks of £200. I add to it depending on how the trade is going and how I see it going. It’s rare I go in “all guns blazing” unless I am very confident I have it right. They type of race has no impact on the volatility. The course does (Wolverhampton/ Ffos Las etc), and so does the price in relation to the other prices offered on the other runners. A 1.4 runner in a maiden at Newmarket is not going to behave the same as one at Wolves.One of the things I say often is “what’s going to stop it?” I am not interested in 2 or 3 ticks here and there. My trading is set up for big swings. They do not always materialise, but as you will see in many of my videos they do. This isn’t by accident or luck. It’s they type of race I pick and the relationship the runners have to each other.

      I hope all that makes sense. It is a complex subject, but not one i think too much about. Many of the things I do are based on the using all the information I have at hand. If I am perfectly honest Once I have made my initial assessment of the race and understand where everything lies I could turn off all the graphs and indicators. I can get all the info I need from the movement of the prices of all the runners. The indicators just make it slightly easier. especially when I am talking and trying to explain things. Cheers MG

      • Very rarely does someone answer so openly and in such detail as on here. I’ve learned more in a month here than I did in the previous 5 years.

          • Hi Mugs .
            I cant express in words how greatfull i am for your videos and trading advice,
            ive been trying now for 3 years now to make money from trading,ive lost thousands of euros ,spent hundreds and hundreds of hours looking at markets ,ive known for quite some time that im close to turning the corner ,and you have done that for me,the answer was so simple that i didnt see it,it was the way i was looking at the markets ,thanks to you i now know how to look at them and make some money ,
            god bless you sir..
            Marc Brennan
            Galway city
            ireland .
            ( forum convoysur-2 )

          • Well done Marc. You had it in you. You just needed the final piece of the jigsaw. Whenever I get messages like this it makes my day so much better. It’s exactly why I started the blog. Thanks so much for your support Marc. MG

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