Racing Trades, Preview Video & Evening Review: 5th April

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I have money in the queues at all these prices. If ALL of my money is not matched the trade goes down as no trade. If it goes significantly lower, I will cancel the trade if the momentum goes against it.

Back Trades

2:10 Leicester Posh Bounty: 3/1 4.1 – stop loss 5.1

4:05 Leicester: Greensward 11/2: 6.4  stop loss 8

4:30 Sedgefield: Favourable Fellow 11/2: 5.5 stop loss 7

That’s all the trades

Evening review:
I am really so this is a very quick review. Mrs MG has insisted I take her out tonight.
Absolute nightmare with both the trades that were matched. Unfortunately Favourable Fellow was not and it was a big mover. Typical. Apologies for the rubbish advice.
On the positive side there were a few good movers in the video preview.

The warning about Scargill proved right in the Posh Bounty trade. Wish I had listened to myself! Grrrrrr

The highlights were:
Super Duty 6.4 to 5.4
Ballymartin King traded below the 8.6 before bouncing back out.
Heyward Boy drifted badly during the live show. It was overbet and the price bounced.
Croco Bay went from 10.5 to 8.8. It won! Formulation was about where it started
Smoothtalkingrascal went off at 9.5, it drifted slightly. But it won as well.
Mists of Time 4.5 after the withdrawal of Azelle into 2.90
Exotic Man 6.6 into 4.2
Mombassa 4.2 – 3.7 – The “weak” fav High Troja came in too. 3.15 into 2.9 – it won
West End Lad 6.6 – eventually drifted slightly to 7.2 – but it won.

Shame I wasn’t trying to pick winners!

4 thoughts on “Racing Trades, Preview Video & Evening Review: 5th April

  1. For the record, thought I’d mention that for the current poll, I voted for racing trades as they are now, as, I can place them and monitor on my phone at work as I’d be unable to view the preview video Monday to Friday due to work. However, I understand the preview video would be by far the better educational resource moving forward, so that would be my actual choice if I was able to view them during the day. Kind of hard to answer because if I went for the videos, I’d be voting to stop the profits that I could make from the stand alone trades on the site. Anyway, whatever happens, it’s free, it’s been an amazing learning experience so far and even if it means me going for a 30 minute “toilet break” every day I’ll find a way of watching that video!

    Good Luck.

    • That is my worry Danny, I don’t want to exclude guys like yourself who will not be able to see the preview video. I think that the profits that you would make in the long term using the info i would be able to put in the video would surpass the profits you are making by following the trades alone. Who knows what may happen in the future. It might be as the blog gets more popular (it’s already at 500 hits a day and rising daily) after only 6 weeks. It is going to get increasing difficult to get matched. This way when you do have a day off you can use the skill you will hopefully learn and come to your own conclusion when it suits you.It’s a tough call.. Thanks for your input Danny. MG

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