Racing Trades & Preview Video – 23rd March

As you might have expected I have no trades today. Snowy Saturday is here. No domestic Football, only one race meeting, which looks more at home on Monday evening at Wolves.

I will preview the Southwell card and post it up around 11.00.

If you missed yesterdays preview video it’s worth a look. I picked out 4 or 5 horses.
Mootabar – 8.6 into 5.2 and wins
Red Tyke – 4.5 into 3.05
Annuciation 5.8 OUT to 7.6, wins
Ivors King- 10.5 into 6
Heez a Steel 7.2 out to 10

Was impossible to get any money matched though.
Today may a chance to watch some of those 52 videos I have posted. They are all on the You Tube channel, read though a few of my other pages & generally overdose on MG.
There is only so much waffle you can put up with! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Racing Trades & Preview Video – 23rd March

  1. Really enjoying the videos and am feel i am learning loads! I notice on the videos you are watchinng or listening to a live feed of the race, how do you watch/listen to this?

    • I have my Tv set alongside my trading screen.Tv left, Pc middle, iMac on the right. I listen more than watch, the info is critical coming from the TV. Don’t underestimate it. It’s just Sky tv on a HD box, so even slower than normal 🙂 It’s great news you are picking stuff up from the vids. Cheers MG

  2. Nice trade in the 2.00 o’clock. £150 profit.

    I can only dream of trades like that.

    Annoyingly, when you explain it, it all looks so obvious. I have a lot to learn yet.

    Cheers for the Vids.

    • Thanks Peter, The reason it looks obvious is because it is. All you need is some basic understanding of what is happening an why it is happening. That’s what i am trying to show. Mostly it’s about confidence. You will get there I am sure. Don’t get distracted by the amounts of winnings. They are not important. The entry and exit points and the management of the trade is. Once the basics are mastered it’s easily scalable. The satisfaction of a trade like this is just as good with £10 stakes. I believe this is why many traders lose. They try to run before they know what they are doing. Cheers MG

  3. Great stuff really enjoyed the viewing, will keep watching in the hope that it sinks it along the way.
    Do you recommend trading the evening races with night racing just round the corner or are the markets too unpredictable?

    • Thanks John, I rarely trade the evening races, although the are tradable. They have a different feel to them. It’s a different type of money I think. I think it’s a case of see how you get on. Everyone’s styles are different, so what one may like another may not. Good luck MG

  4. Wow, I have some vids to catch up. Last few weeks I had exams so not much time to view your vids. Looks great! Will watch them all this week, if I have the time! Great work!

    • Hi Rijck, Thought you hadn’t been a round for a while. Hope your exams went well. The racing channels in the uk are ART and RUK. Betfair video is only very close to the feeds I get from TV. I am not sure if you can get it where you are. yeah I have been busy with the vids. They seem pretty popular. 7000 views and 77 subscribers on You Tube. There must be loads of really bored guys around 🙂 MG

  5. hi mugs
    just caught up with the weekends videos.i could talk all night,but i would just like to say thankyou,you are an inspiation and although i have been 90% there for a while,you have confirmed some of my belives and through your videos i now feel i know what mistakes i have been making,time will tell,but cant wait for tomorrow, weather are doing a good job.

    • Peter, really appreciate those kind words. I think your situation may be familiar to many. I wish you the best of luck – Cheers MG

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