Racing Trades & Video Preview 12th April

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I have money in the queues at all these prices. If ALL of my money is not matched the trade goes down as no trade. If it goes significantly lower, I will cancel the trade if the momentum goes against it.

Apologies for the delay: The blog server was offline. Hopefully you got the info via Twitter/YouTube.

Back Trades

3:00 Lingfield: Copperwood 5/1 5.7 stop loss 7

3:15 Chepstow: Bailey’s Concerto  5/1 5.8 stop loss 7.2

Preview Video:

Evening Review:

A horrible day in the markets as I suspected this morning. Our first trade was looking good early on, even when the live show began it was a tick or 2 below where I had backed it. It started to drift as support came for a couple of the other runners. I soon closed as I didn’t see it going anywhere apart from drifting. It is important if you see a drift begin you don’t blindly sit there and wait for it to hit the stop loss. If someone at a bar in a pub was taking tenners out of your wallet you would stop them after the first one, not wait until it was empty before saying “Oi! Fuck off” 🙂 I closed at 6.2 for a £10 loss.
The 2nd runner Bailey’s Concerto was much better, pretty strong all day and I closed at 4.9 for a nice £17
A small profit, but profit is profit!


8 thoughts on “Racing Trades & Video Preview 12th April

  1. Thought today was a difficult day for pre off trading. Lots of moves reversed. More lay opportunities than backs. I am pretty inexperienced but learning all the time.

  2. Hi mg, missed the preview this morn internet on and off all morn and a right pain but managed to still do 3 trades and all successful today no stop loss mistakes.I took a decision and started off with a £600 bank today and used your staking table for my trades the 3 i managed today are as follows Frozen over backed @ 6.6 layed @5.40 then Bailey’s concerto backed @ 5.8 layed @ 4.90 and Purcell layed @ 1.96 backed @ 2.10 for a nice £31 profit :)….Your videos have really opened my eyes to trading mate so i am even thinking of trading my own lay bets each day too,smaller profit trading them but much less risk involved especially as i had a close shave with 2 today lol not a nice feeling and if 1 of those had won then all the effort i did to get in front today would have been wiped out.All my own lay bets drifted well out and usually do so i may consider upping the bank and getting a bit more on and trade them instead of true laying as the way i am approaching it now is totally different after watching these vids…Hope your day went well mate all the best.

    • Sounds like you have had a good day mate. It shows a good trader when you can adapt and change styles. To stay in the game you have to constantly change and learn as the market is always changing. Nice work! MG

  3. First day today and I lost £35! I did make mistakes though, and I’m sure I’ll become more proficient with experience.

  4. Oh nothing major, just noob mistakes. I didnt get out on Copperwood when it was obviously drifting (finally got out when it hit 7)

  5. About the videos you post…they are good, I like them. They answer questions that I’d never thought to ask before, eg the betting patterns. A horse may look like its at a favorable price, but looking at how much money has been put on that horse, you can see that nobody is interested in that particular race. So it’s a race to avoid.

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