Racing Trades , Video Preview & Review 13th April

If you want to see how to get the best out of my trades see HERE

I have money in the queues at all these prices. If ALL of my money is not matched the trade goes down as no trade. If it goes significantly lower, I will cancel the trade if the momentum goes against it.

Back Trades

4:15 Stratford: Iolith 4/1 5.1 stop loss 6.4

That’s all I can find.

Please be aware (If you subscribe to “The inside track” you will already know). That I will not be putting up the racing trades from now. I will instead present an earlier preview video. Any selections I have backed while doing the preview I will post up while the video is loading. This will give you a chance to back them if you want to. I will not however be recording the bets like I do now. This is one of the areas that is taking up too much of my time in the evening. Like I have always said. I am not a tipster. i would rather help you to find you own trades. many of you are already doing this with excellent results. I realise that many of you will be at work and not able to do this. My apologies. Those who just want tips and don’t want to learn will probably be better off with a tipster site. There are plenty of them.

There will be no video on Monday: I am having a day off!!!!!!! Wooooohoooo

Preview Video:

As the live show started our runner was trading at 4.3. My trade still had a small amount matched, as in the video. I cancelled the remaining stake. Unfortunately this goes down as a “no trade”. I have explained the reasons for cancelling many times. But briefly, if it now drifts (which it did) the momentum of the trade is against us. By the time my money is taken it would have drifted 7 or 8 ticks. As it proved it kept on drifting and hit over 6.

20 thoughts on “Racing Trades , Video Preview & Review 13th April

  1. Hi MG,
    I must be learning from your videos just looked through the cards and Iolith was one of my selections for a Back to Lay! : ) This is where I make a fool of myself and suggest my other selection for a B2L as being Albaqaa in the 4.05 at Doncaster. Just a quick question and apologies if you have answered this elesewhere but how often would you recommend checking on the prices from placing your entry trade to looking for an exit (profit or loss)?
    Good luck with your trading today.

    • Mick, The 4:05 has a Hugh Taylor selection -this is in video I think 🙂 I avoid these races. Experience tells me the markets are very unpredictable. Albaqaa well may well come in, but it’s one I would avoid. I check the prices every 20 mins or so, as it gets closer to the 15 minute window before the race you need to be alert. This is when it all happens. If it starts to drift and there is support for more that 1 other runner I bail out, wether it has hit the SL or not. Well done finding Ioith mate. MG

  2. Morning MG 🙂 …You don’t need to apologise mate what i have learnt from you in just a very short time frame is worth its weight in gold and like you say its time consuming and you need some life at the end of the trading day lol , if i hadn’t stumbled upon your blog i would still be cluless and your previews are what i was looking for to just guide me in the right direction with how to approach the days racing and i can now comfortably go through the races and know what to look for now so thanks for all the info you have shared mate :)…. I only found lolith too haha so it proves what i have earnt from you but i am also going to trade my own lay bets today for the first time so will let you know later how i got on with that fingers crossed will nick a few quid off each one :)…Have a good day mate and gl.

  3. what happen with Iolith,where did he go before race? 🙂
    If i want to learn your way of trading i just need to look your PREVIEW videos ? 🙂

    • Iolith came in to 4.3, However, I didn’t get my stake back so I cancelled it. It goes as no bet. this is because the momentum of the trade changed. Watching the videos will certainly help

  4. Evening MG said i would let you know how i got on today mateand made a little profit on what i thought was a hard day to find anything decent but below is what i had today mate..
    3.40 stratford.. Alwaystheoptimist backed@6.6 out at 5 for +£16.00
    4.15 stratford..lolith backed@5.1 out at 4.3 for +£9.30
    4.25 kempton..Consise backed@9.6 out at 7.8 for +£11.53
    The next 4 were my usual lay bets that i decided to trade off instead mate and are as follows:
    1.40 uttoxeter..Halifax layed@9 backed at 14 for +£4.47
    2.05 stratford..Free spin layed@9.2 backed at 8 for -£1.91
    3.55 uttoxeter..Sandanski layed@5.40 backed at 8.20 for +£7.76
    4.40 doncaster.Lewisham layed@2.8 backed at 2.58 for -£4.73
    Even though all my 4 usual straight lay bets lost mate and i lost out profit wise on them by trading them i will say i felt a lot lot more comfortable knowing i was in control and if you watched the Lewisham race well that was so so close to winning :)….Not big profits mate for the day but it all keeps us in the game and i did feel it was a hard day today are all saturdays like this lol ?…Hope you managed to put a few quid in the balance mate all the best and have a good weekend .

      • Hi martin i have only just started trading since seeing MG’S blog 4 or 5 days ago, i usually just lay horses for a set liability but i have learnt so much from watching these vids over and over to see mg’s actions and learn when and why he did what he did and eve though i do well just laying on the exchange it’s trading the races i would most like to do.Thanks mate for your comment but its a big learning curve yet for me but with discipline and dedication i will hopefully in time get upto mg’s standard 🙂

    • Excellent job Darren. It’s more important to get the skill of picking and managing the trades over how much money you make. Once you are confident that you can make consistent profit, it’s just a case of increasing the stakes. If you replicated theose results and traded 5 days a week, that is around 12k a year. To have a take out wage of 12k you would need to earn 16k less travelling expenses. Does that give you some perspective of what may be possible? : WD mate MG

        • It’s not just a case of watching the graph. What I am trying to do is determine the shape of the race and see what horses are drifting and which are moving in. I am not interested in form at all. I trade markets not form. Jockey/trainer performance have a huge impact on odds. AS a regularly talk about in my preview videos..

      • Wow yes mate that does give some perspective of what may be possible and its definately something to work upto and since trading instead of just laying it gives me a whole different mindset and a lot more self control over my funds and makes me think a lot more about what i want to achieve .My confidence is growing and its positive comments from you guys that makes me determined to just keep getting better ..Many thanks for all your help and encouragement 🙂

  5. I am hoping that like learning to drive, the live trading part of this will just click in if I practise enough. Because at the moment, it really is uncanny how I can sit and look at a race trading, be absolutely sure that a horse is on the drift and yet the second I enter the market, it turns and goes the other way. It’s as if the market watches my entry point and then turns. It happens with just about every race. If a horse starts to come in after drifting, and I jump in, guess what…. it drifts again. Is it just a case of riding out these ‘up down’ movements and hope that the general direction is in my favour? I still need to get my frustration under control as well, or this will finish me off. I have come so close to both tears and punching the monitor. I bad trade can really spoil your day, never mind 4 or 5. 🙁
    Still enjoying your blog though and still learning loads from you. I am determined to succeed.

    • Kev, Make no mistake, learning to trade Racing in last 10 minutes is the most sought after skill in trading. It’s also the hardest. Sometimes you have everything right and things just don’t work out for some unexplainable reason. It happens to all of us trust me. As you experience grows these events come less and less. Your increased skill level notices the subtle changes in the market that signal these events. I cannot stress enough that patience is the hardest and most useful skill here. Plus the ability to be calm. Watch back the video where I lose £300. There was no anger, no frustration. I made lots of bad decisions in it, but the next race was a new start. You have to treat every single race individually. You absolutely cannot carry the result (good or bad) into the next race. You are correct in your “learning to drive” analogy.One day you think, “what was all the fuss about”? But to get to that is no easy journey, make no mistake. GL mate MG

        • No, I had a day off 🙂 I am not posting racing trades anymore. The preview video will have all the info in. If after I have previewed the racing and I am having any trades (which you will be able to see on the video) I will post them up in case you cannot see the video.

          • yeah the preview video, i meaned what you have to tell about trading today,not interested in your tips 😛
            today i traded and it was very good (first trade on your way 😀 ),not reasonable to post now … tommorow 🙂
            No rules how much is the min. matched on the race?
            No rules how long to stay on particular trade,lets say backed @7 after 5min it goes @6 lay or wait 5-6-7min before race start?
            Can you make a chat or something so we can communicate faster … 🙂

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