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My poll has shocked the hell out of me, It’s early days, but it seems you guys like my Racing trades. I pulled the plug after last Saturdays nightmare. If at the end of the week the Poll wants me to carry on, I will. In the mean time I will stick up the trades I am having a go at. You are all well aware of what happens if Betfair go down. I would encourage you to open a Betdaq account if you haven’t already. Don’t open an account just on my say so. Make your own choice. I seems a good deal to me, if the liquidity starts to increase Betfair will be a ghost town within months. Plus if you have the choice you can get the best price and work out the best trade based on commission and other offers. The 1:30 Cheltenham is commission free on both exchanges today. I am moving my operation over to them as their liquidity increases. My racing trades are perfectly tradable on Betdaq.

I hate chopping and changing about, it makes me look a prick. But there is no point in writing a blog no one wants to read. The racing trades are a good way to introduce new readers to my blog. Once they are hear they may find more stuff to read that they enjoy and come back.

Anyway, these are the trades I am having today.

1:30 Cheltenham: Champagne Fever 13/2: 7.8 (BF and BD) stop loss I have at 9.8 – if it gets anywhere near there I’m out

Hit 6.2 and went on to win £25 profit on £100 trade

3:05 Southwell: Sans Loi 4/1: 4.9 on both exchanges my stop loss is 6.2

Out at 3.75 for another £30 finished 2nd and hit 1.5 in play.

Even though it’s Cheltenham, there are lots of very short favs in and impossible handicaps where many moves are happening. Look out of late money. This week at Cheltenham if they move in they rarely drift back. Look out for news about the Racing Trades. Like I say, I need to give my audience what they want, not what I want 🙂


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