Racing Trades 18th March – Daily Review

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Southwell 14:10 Hodgson 7.2 stop loss 9

Southwell 15:10 Count Guido Deiro: 4.5 stop loss 5.6

Southwell 15:40: Likearollingstone: 6.4 stop loss 8

Southwell 17:10: Seas Of Green 6.8 stop loss 8.4

Evening review

Well another week begins. I have issues this morning with accessing my blog. Hence the late start.

First today was Hodgson no drama here, it was one of the days big movers and I closed at 5.2 for a great start of £36.

Count Guido Derieo was another mover, not as spectacular as the first. I was trading the fav on this race and will link to a video later. I closed at 4.1. Although it did go even lower to 3.85. £9 profit.

Likearollingstone was steady, although it moved up and down quite a bit towards the end. I managed to close at 5.3 for a profit of just short of £20.

The less said about Seas of Green the better. It was playing up all the way to post and at the start. Eventually it ran well for a long way before fading badly at the end. A max loss for this one, and a shows exactly why there is a stop loss mechanism in place.

All in all a good start to the week and £46 profit to start us off.

6 thoughts on “Racing Trades 18th March – Daily Review

  1. Thanks for posting the excellent content on this blog and all for free. You are a credit to the industry. Keep up the good work.

  2. hi mate, great vids, could you post a basic bet angel vid showing how you back and lay with one click? and maybe how you set a trailing stop loss? new to this trading lark and betangel is a little confusing, appreciated if you have the time.

  3. Love the blog. Shame i have to work so can’t keep track of all the horse races during the day, I have been picking just one race to follow on my phone! Although i’m sure the boss will soon put a stop to it! Don’t suppose you know of any alert service where i could get an email if the SL price is reached so i get on online and close out the trade?

    • I haven’t heard of anything like that. YOu could set up a VPS with Bet Angel guardian or Gruss running (possibly GT) running to manage the bets. I have just been though the March BACK trades. On the trades where the stop loss was triggered ( 6 trades). If you had ignored this and traded out at BFSP the profit would be £221 as opposed to £240. So the difference isn’t massive. It’s worth having a good look at the results sheet and seeing what you think. Personally I am not obsessed with the Stop loss. It is there as a safety net, but I don’t watch the trades as often as I should. Chuffed you liking the blog. Cheers MG

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