Weekly review

Bloody hell – That was a week and a half!

We started the week well with £150 worth of wins on the racing trades. On Wednesday I added the subscription box and launched what I am calling “The Inside Track” (swanky eh?) In case you missed the post I made earlier in the week, I decided to create something that enabled me to keep my readers up to date with some trades I did not want to plaster all over the internet. These “updates” are only going out when I have something worthwhile to say. You’ll all know by now I am a terrible waffler. If you watched my videos you will be sick of my West Midlands accent, constant sniffing and listening to the drivel that I speak (and type). I don’t want to sending out junk into your inbox. I sent out 2 messages this week highlighting potential market moves in some Football matches. On Thursday morning I said that Spurs looked like they would come in further against Inter. Also to watch the Over 2.5 price. There were 9 ticks profit in that. My (late) Friday night update said I fancied Liverpool and Newcastle to move in. A 2 tick loss on the Liverpool price was made up for by Newcastles’ 7 tick gain. I have over 100 who have subscribed so far. That has really shocked me. Have you signed up yet? If not why not!

The 2nd part of the week started on Wednesday with a bad day for the racing trades, a loss of £50 and a small gain of £8 on Thursday. Friday’s £70 got us back on track.

All through the week I have been adding to my trading videos. The feedback I am getting from these is phenomenal. I will be carrying on with these as long as you guys want to see them. Many are telling me that they are learning lots. I’m so chuffed about that. Thursday and Friday are busy days for me preparing my Football trades for the weekend. I had added another couple to my Portfolio bets during the week. BTTS and DNB. I will be adding more and more of Portfolio trades as we go along. As I type this on Sunday evening with 1 3pt trade to go (Lazio DNB 3pts) this weeks trades will make a minimum of 4.82 pts and a potential of 10.22 pts if Lazio win and 7.82 if it’s a draw. Adding to the 4.1 pts profit from last week. It’s ticking along nicely.

Saturday bought some reality to everything. I have already said too much about Saturday’s site crash and want to draw a line under it. Like I said I will not be posting up my racing trades daily anymore, but if I fancy something I’ll certainly give you the heads up. A couple of great suggestions have come from my followers about putting something together to help some of the newer traders protect themselves form disasters like this. I’ll have it as a priority. I took out a complete loss for the Racing trade while Betfair was down. It seemed like the fair thing to do. Even with that the trades made £80 for the week. I never wanted to be a tipster, but I hope you can see what is possible with some bank management and discipline. We will be visiting this in some detail soon.

Moving forward. The best week of the year for many of us. It’s Christmas everyday for us Racing traders. I never do as well as i should do. But I love everything about the festival. So a busy old week ahead.

I just want to say I do this for free. There is no agenda, no charges, no catch. I have a couple of affiliate links that give me a small commission if you click on them and then decide to subscribe. If you want the products and don’t want me to profit to help pay for the upkeep of the blog, just google the product and go there from google. I couldn’t care less. I will only endorse products and services that I use myself. You can clearly see that from my posts. My integrity is something that is  scared. I will not sell out just to get a few quid.

Have a great week, come back soon. Thanks so much to all of you that have taken the time to make comments. They are a real inspiration to me to deliver even better content for you.

Cheers MG


4 thoughts on “Weekly review

  1. nice to hear you sounding so upbeat after saturday i stupidly own a fish and chip shop so have to work all day fri and sat so missed the crash, you do talk a lot of sense and help a lot of people,why you didnt start this last year i dont know, you would have saved me 100s of hours reading results and planning stratergies that didnt work when i should just have believed in myself a bit more,i thought i was the only one who had losing trades lol keep up the good work.
    cheers peter
    ps i never dared join the betangel forum in case i sounded stupid

    • Thanks Peter. Self belief is 75% of this game. You really cannot underestimate the mental side of trading. I battle with it daily. It’s great to know that I am in some small way helping you to get to grips with trading. The Bet Angel forum is possibly one of the friendlier forums.It’s arse holes like me that scare people off 🙂 Never be afraid to ask any question you like. I am going to put up an contact me box somewhere. So you can always ask questions you would rather not see in public. Thanks MG

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