Betfair Pro Traders Event

I wanted to write something about this, and I think it actually deserves a page rather than a post.

On Saturday 16th February 2019, Caan Berry, Mark Iverson and I hosted an event which was kindly sponsored by Betfair. It all came about during a drunken conversation between us after we had helped Betfair with a VIP event. We talked about a vision for an educational event that promoted the exchange and had the opportunity for the people that came to meet us, Betfair reps and much more importantly, each other. That is exactly what happened.

Let me take you through the day. It was one of the most memorable days of my life, I will never forget it.

We have been planning this for many months, and we spent many hours discussing and making sure every eventuality was covered. It was important to all of us that we were able to deliver some high-quality content, in a simple to understand way. We only had 1 hour each, it was important that the people who attended felt like they were able to take away what we had shared, and implement this straight away. We all recorded videos of our presentations so that the attendees could go over them at their leisure after the event too.

The event started for us early on Saturday morning. I didn’t sleep too much on Friday night. I was fired up full of adrenaline and expectations. “Would the tech work? What if? What if?” Met up with Caan, and Mark, and our awesome team of helpers. All of the merch for the Betfair goodie bags had arrived at the hotel in boxes. Along with the lanyards. We soon got a production line going and had that job squared away in no time. We met up with the Betfair guys and had a chat about the final details with Joe Lee, from Betfair who was our fabulous MC. Before we knew it it was 12:00pm and there was a small queue of people who had arrived. We decided to start getting them in and opened the doors. A big shout out to Matt Haynes from ToS for his sterling help on the door. On his Birthday! You can keep your eyes off the young Lady helping him, she’s mine!

I think we managed to personally welcome most of our guests, and everyone was soon settled down for the show. Joe Lee took to the stage and went through the days’ itinerary. I was first up…….

None of us had ever stood in front of 150 people before. We are normal guys who had normal jobs before (except for Caan – he shot at people for a living). So you can imagine the trepidation as I took to the stage and looked down at 150 faces. That hour flew by. I loved every second. I hoped the audience had enjoyed it and taken something from it.

Next was a 30-minute break and bacon butties, we thought it important to give plenty of breaks and keep everyone well fed and hydrated. Next up was Caan, followed by a break and then Mark. It was great to watch my mates do their presentations. They were both awesome and well received.

Another break and then the Q&A session. I think we managed to answer the questions thrown at us and managed to add in a few more tips about the things we do that can make a difference to your trading. The “work” now over, it was time for the buffet and a drink! Now I don’t want to tittle-tattle about what went on during the social evening. But I will give a few highlights. Although not everyone was able to stay the whole evening, there were at least 60 that saw it through to the end.

One thing I want to mention is the Ladies. Now many assume trading to be dominated by blokes. This is changing and quickly. i am getting more and more Ladies thoigh my workshops, and this event was no different. Lots of female traders, which is really, really great to see.

We had arranged for door security, as when alcohol is about, anything can happen. This was a private party and on a Saturday night, many locals use the hotel bar. One such fella found his way in and entertained us with a drunken ramble about the woes of being a Coventry City fan. I feel his pain, but the door staff felt his collar and he was swiftly ejected. The guy who said he did the days best presentation was a bit harsh I thought 🙂 For those of you that were there and saw him, I was told afterwards he went back into the bar and collected his young child, before getting into his car and driving home. Scumbag.

After our private bar closed at around 11:30, we made our way into the hotel’s public bar. that’s when things really started to rock and roll. By 1:00am there was a table with a massive line of sambuca shots. Mr Berry being the ring leader there. It was around 1:45 when the bar closed and people started to make their way to bed. Many heading into town to hit the night clubs/ Mr Iverson the ring leader of that. Hey, those 2 are much younger than me!

According to the hotel manager, there was more than 1 room that had evidence of vomit, many very late checkouts and one radiator needing replacing due to vomit damage (go figure) 🙂 A huge amount of hangovers and some pretty fragile looking individuals on Sunday morning. but what a day and what a night!

As the night was breaking up and people were saying their goodbyes, that was the moment I knew we had nailed it. Many new friendships had been formed on this day. I have never seen so many blokes hugging each other. It was like being backstage at a Village People concert.

I would like to say a few thank yous.I want to thank every single one of you that came. You put your faith in us to deliver a memorable day. I hope we achieved that for you. You certainly made it a memorable day for us. Secondly on behalf of Caan, Mark and myself. I would like to thank Betfair for generously sponsoring the event. They want the exchange to prosper, as do we. A special thanks to the Betfair crew. Joe, James, Izzy and Joe Lee. A great bunch of people and a pleasure to work with. Thank you also to our helpers, they were awesome! lastly, I want to thank my partners Caan and Mark. Top blokes and great fun to be around. they helped make it a special day for me too.

Thanks also to Paul aka “The Geek” and to Mark & Gary Russel from Gruss Software. They both kindly offered 3 months trial of their software to anyone in attendance. Very generous and very much appreciated

Something that we wanted to be as accessible as possible. we wanted to be able to speak to every single person that came. I hope we achieved that, I know that we didn’t turn anyone away that wanted to speak to us. We mingled around having conversations with people for over 7 hours over the course of the evening. Our bar bill was fucking outrageous. BTW, Thanks to everyone who also bought us a drink! The whole point of this event was it was a chance for people to learn and to get social. But the important people at this event were not Steve Howe, Caan Berry and Mark Iverson. It was the people that gave up their Saturday, travelled 100’s of miles in some cases and GOT INVOLVED.

Before I finish I want to say something about trading in general. If your life is so sad and you are so narrow-minded, that you refuse to give up a Saturdays’ trading to do something that isn’t trading, be that either a gig like this, taking your kids to a football match, or even going shopping with your partner. Giving up a little piece of your life rather devote it to the relentless pursuit of money. Then you really are a sad individual. You will soon be waking up one day all alone, as you will alienate yourself to the point that nobody will invite you to their parties. Life isn’t about gambling, it’s about living and people.

Thank you again to everyone that came, thank you for your fun, thank you for the time you gave up, the money you spent and for the great time you gave us. Thank you for sharing a small piece of your lives with us. It was precious and unforgettable.

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Cheers Steve