Racing Trades 27th March & Racing Preview Video – Evening Review

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Wetherby 4:30: Rebel Swing: 7/1 for the arbers: 8.6 stop loss 10.5

Southwell 5:30 Al Amaan: 3/1 4.3 stop loss 5.4


Southwell 3:35 LAY Hanna Turn @ 1.9 stop loss 1.77


Evening Review:

First I’ll rip though the racing trades. Hannahs Turn was a nice drifter went out to around 2.2 before coming in close to the start. I got out easily at 2.14 to make £23 profit.

The first Back Rebel Swing looked unlikely to get matched at one time. But even close to the start 8.6 was availablr. It flirted with that price before moving down a few ticks to make £12.

The 2nd of the backs looked promising, it went in as low as 3.85 before bouncing. I closed for a 2 tick profit as I could see the favourite was being backed in. It made £4.

Overall not too bad, the daily profit was nearly £40.

I think the preview video through up a couple of gems.The 1st one I mentioned Special mix in the 2:20 was a drifter unfortunately, but 10 – 12.5 is not the end of the world. Global Flyer in the 2:50 Weth went from 10 to 7, Neptune Equester was backed as soon as Brian Ellison had winner in the 2:20. It cam e in from 4.2 to as low as 3.45. It drifted back out before the off. But went on to win.

My fancy for Rylee Mooch in the 4:05 Lingfield was well founded. It was backed from 4.9 into 3.8.

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Racing Trades & Preview Video 26th March

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3:30 Southwell: Rambo Will 4/1 if you want to arb. 5.2 Stop Loss of 6.4

3:40 Fontwell: Peut Etre Sivola 7/1: 7.6 : stop loss at 9.6

4:40 Fontwell: Tchang Goon 7/1: 8.2: Stop loss at 10

Video Preview:

Evening Review:

Racing trades: The first one was a beauty, which was just as well considering what came next. There was a small reduction Factor of 4.5% on Rambo Will, this meant the odds were reduced to 4.87. The late money came and an easy exit of 3.5 was achieved. A nice profit of just short of £40.
The other 2 trades were both looking good after an hour or so, but gambles on other horses later on in both races saw them hit the stop losses. They both ran decent enough races. All 3 runners today were placed. Not that that makes any difference! Miraculously we came out of today with £3 profit. More luck than judgement I think. This month is turning out to be a toughie.

Video Preview:
Here are some of the observations I made this morning. It didn’t go exactly how I thought, but I hope I pointed you in the right direction on these.
2:20 Gabriel the Duke 2.0 into 1.7
2:30 Thereabouts (Luke Morris) 3.8 into 2.9
3:00 Lay Indias Song. 2.35 out to 2.96
3:20: Abhaarth 11- 7.2
3:50 Buy Art 2.62 into 2.02
4:20: Dutch Old Master 4. 7 – 2.49
5:00: Cecily Parsley 9The Hugh Taylor horse – 1.80 to 2.08 in place market

If you pick your way through the waffle there were a few good pointers again.:)
Cheers MG

Racing Trades & Preview Video 25th March

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440 Lingfield: Petersboden 6/1 for arbers. 7.0  and stop loss at 8.8
5:10 Lingfield: Laughing Jack: 13/2 bookies – 7.2 and stop loss at 9

My Preview video is here

Evening Review

It couldn’t get any worse than 2 selections both hitting the stop loss. My apologies if you too were on the receiving end. On the positive side we are still £300 up for this very difficult month.
I have been swerving selection over the past few days because of inconsistent early markets due to non runners and poor weather. I should have kept to that instead of trying to be clever.
Tomorrow is another day MG

Racing Trades & Preview Video – 23rd March

As you might have expected I have no trades today. Snowy Saturday is here. No domestic Football, only one race meeting, which looks more at home on Monday evening at Wolves.

I will preview the Southwell card and post it up around 11.00.

If you missed yesterdays preview video it’s worth a look. I picked out 4 or 5 horses.
Mootabar – 8.6 into 5.2 and wins
Red Tyke – 4.5 into 3.05
Annuciation 5.8 OUT to 7.6, wins
Ivors King- 10.5 into 6
Heez a Steel 7.2 out to 10

Was impossible to get any money matched though.
Today may a chance to watch some of those 52 videos I have posted. They are all on the You Tube channel, read though a few of my other pages & generally overdose on MG.
There is only so much waffle you can put up with! 🙂


Racing Trades 21st March

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Chepstow 2:10 Oh Suzannah 5/1 for the Arbers otherwise 6.2 stop loss 7.8

Chepstow 4:55 Clear Mix 8/1 8.4 stop loss 10.5 – very tough market. I have some money in queue at 8.4. If I don’t get matched it will be a no bet

As tough a day as I have seen for a while. Uncompetitive races, small fields, lots of odds on chances. Very poor liquidity. I don’t put up bets for fun, they are serious opportunities to take profit. If I don’t see that I will not risk my bank just have have something to do. GL MG

UPDATE: 12:00pm Clear mix is now 7.0. I did not get ch, It goes down as no bet, I have cancelled my order, if the momentum changes we are in trouble anyway.

I have added a preview video of todays racing for those interested. I talk about how I approach each race.

Evening Review

Very poor racing today, we only had 1 bet as I said earlier in my 12:00pm update. Clear mix drifted badly and would have gone to the stop loss. Momentum is everything in these types of trades. If the price moved for us and then changes direction it rarely comes back.

Oh Suzannah looked promising for much of the morning, once the live shows came it was static before drifting a few ticks. It goes down as a loss of £6.We live to fight another day MG

Racing Trades 19th March- Evening Review

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2:20 Southwell: Scepticism: 4/1 for the arbers. 5.4 stop loss at 6.8

2:40 Wolverhampton: Romanticize. 9/2 bookies – 5.7 and the stop loss at 7


3:30 Exeter: Gemini Ahhs LAY at 1.6. Stop loss at 1.51

Evening Review:

Quiet day, but eventful! First up was a beauty. Scepticism flew in eventually from 5.4 to 3.2. I caught it on the way back at 3.35, it went a few ticks higher by the start. Gave a £58 profit, one of our best trades I think.

Romanticize bought me straight back down to earth, a non runner in the race messed all the prices for most of the early afternoon. After deducting the 3.1% reduction factor the new price was 5.52 and the stop loss at 7. It eventually hot the stop loss, before coming back a couple of ticks. max loss of £20.

The LAY Gemini Ahhrs initially drifted, It was as high as 1.67 as you will see in the video I’ll post up later. I’ll come back and put a link to where it is later. It was up and down before eventually came back past our original position. I closed at scratch. It went lower than this. But as I say often, when the momentum of a trade switches you would be foolish to stay in and create a losing position out of a winning one.

Not too bad overall profit of £36 and takes us over £300 for the month 🙂

Racing Trades 18th March – Daily Review

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Southwell 14:10 Hodgson 7.2 stop loss 9

Southwell 15:10 Count Guido Deiro: 4.5 stop loss 5.6

Southwell 15:40: Likearollingstone: 6.4 stop loss 8

Southwell 17:10: Seas Of Green 6.8 stop loss 8.4

Evening review

Well another week begins. I have issues this morning with accessing my blog. Hence the late start.

First today was Hodgson no drama here, it was one of the days big movers and I closed at 5.2 for a great start of £36.

Count Guido Derieo was another mover, not as spectacular as the first. I was trading the fav on this race and will link to a video later. I closed at 4.1. Although it did go even lower to 3.85. £9 profit.

Likearollingstone was steady, although it moved up and down quite a bit towards the end. I managed to close at 5.3 for a profit of just short of £20.

The less said about Seas of Green the better. It was playing up all the way to post and at the start. Eventually it ran well for a long way before fading badly at the end. A max loss for this one, and a shows exactly why there is a stop loss mechanism in place.

All in all a good start to the week and £46 profit to start us off.

Racing Trades: 16th March – Daily & weekly review

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The post Cheltenham hangover has arririved. As bad a days racing on a Saturday know to man.


Uttoxeter 3:50 Major Malarkey: 17/2 – 7/1 for the arbers. 9.2 can be squeezed at Betdaq. 9 on Betfair. The stop loss is at 11

Uttoxeter 4:25: Galway Jack: 11/4 for Arbers: 3.5 – Stop loss 4.4


The fields are devastated by Non runners. This makes many markets very hard to read. We’ll keep it tight today. MG

Daily review

A quiet day. Alot quieter than last Saturday, that’s for sure!

Two trades today. The first was Major Malarky, backed at 9.2 and steadily moved to to 8 just before the start.  Profit of £14.25. No drama

The 2nd Galway Jack was a little more exciting, very well backed, the only question was when to exit. It did the usual “jigging” about towards the end, but I managed to close at 2.92 -I did go lower, but I’m happy with 2.92, Nearly £19 on this. For a daily profit of £33

Weekly review

After a little persuasion I restarted the Racing Trades on Wednesday, so not a full week. This week we had 10 back trades, of which 8 were winning trades. The profit was £125. We only had 1 Lay trade, which was a winner too for £36. That makes the profit for the week of £161. Not too bad. Total for the Month is £240. No reason to suppose we cannot double that, considering I put in a £100 loss last Saturday when the site went down (Betfair) and we missed a few days at the start of the week. I’m going to stick in a target to aim for of £350. thanks for your support. MG

Racing Trades :)

My poll has shocked the hell out of me, It’s early days, but it seems you guys like my Racing trades. I pulled the plug after last Saturdays nightmare. If at the end of the week the Poll wants me to carry on, I will. In the mean time I will stick up the trades I am having a go at. You are all well aware of what happens if Betfair go down. I would encourage you to open a Betdaq account if you haven’t already. Don’t open an account just on my say so. Make your own choice. I seems a good deal to me, if the liquidity starts to increase Betfair will be a ghost town within months. Plus if you have the choice you can get the best price and work out the best trade based on commission and other offers. The 1:30 Cheltenham is commission free on both exchanges today. I am moving my operation over to them as their liquidity increases. My racing trades are perfectly tradable on Betdaq.

I hate chopping and changing about, it makes me look a prick. But there is no point in writing a blog no one wants to read. The racing trades are a good way to introduce new readers to my blog. Once they are hear they may find more stuff to read that they enjoy and come back.

Anyway, these are the trades I am having today.

1:30 Cheltenham: Champagne Fever 13/2: 7.8 (BF and BD) stop loss I have at 9.8 – if it gets anywhere near there I’m out

Hit 6.2 and went on to win £25 profit on £100 trade

3:05 Southwell: Sans Loi 4/1: 4.9 on both exchanges my stop loss is 6.2

Out at 3.75 for another £30 finished 2nd and hit 1.5 in play.

Even though it’s Cheltenham, there are lots of very short favs in and impossible handicaps where many moves are happening. Look out of late money. This week at Cheltenham if they move in they rarely drift back. Look out for news about the Racing Trades. Like I say, I need to give my audience what they want, not what I want 🙂


Racing Trades: 9th March Evening Review and Review of Site Crash


1:55 Chepstow: Silver Commander 7/1: 8. stop loss 9.8 AMENDED

2:15 Ayr: Jonny Delta 7/2: 4.3 stop loss 5.4

3:25 Ayr: Netminder 9/2: 5.5 stop loss 6.8

4:50 Chepstow: Decent Lord 5/1: 6.0 stop loss 7.4

No need to chase these: I have money left in all of these prices. If it’s not taken it will go down as NO BET

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Evening Update:

First trade Silver Commander was a wobbler, it didn’t do anything, then drifted very quickly into the stop loss. A loss of £18.

Second we had Jonny Delta. My money was not matched at 4.3. But a horse was withdrawn and I calculated the new position to be 3.8. I was lucky enough to get matched. Then another horse was taken out which reduced the price to 3.69. This was a big mover and eventually hit 2.68. Went on to win. £36.17

Then it all came crashing down. Just before 3:00pm the Betfair site crashed. Again. Not for the first time I was faced with serious amounts of money on positions I could not get out of. I cannot begin to tell you how angry I am about this. I know some of you would have lost money too. I have the 3rd trade down as a COMPLETE Loss: The whole £100. It was possible to trade out well below the price we took in running if you had access and the funds available in a Betdaq account.

The final runner once again gave us little chance and drifted into the stop loss. If Betfair had not have crashed it would have been a winning day. But there is nothing I can do about that.

This whole episode has raised some serious concerns. I am happy to take my chances with my own money. But I realise some of you new traders especially would have not come across this before and may have been exposed to a big loss. I cannot allow that. So it’s with regret I am not going to post up any more morning trades for the time being. There are plenty of tipsters out there. I am no tipster, I merely want to show what is possible with structure and discipline.

From some of the feedback I am getting I think the benefits from me passing my experience onto you is more important than a few tips. It’s certainly not the end of the blog. On the contary. I am going to spend more time on writing articles and showing other ways of making money from betting. My Portfolio trades will continue, as these are a different kind of trade with less exposure to this kind of disaster. Thanks for your support. Gutted for you if you were caught too.