Portfolio Bets: Week End 3rd – 5th May

There are 2 matches in Serie A this weekend where the draw price is very short. Parma v Atalanta (again) is 2.12 and Chievo v Cagliari is 2.3. I think these prices speak for themselves. I have cut down the amounts staked to the minimum to reflect my confidence.


Bor. Monchengladbach v Schalke ko  FRI  19:30 LOST -1pt

Monchengladback WIN 1pt @ 3.6 BETVC

Nurnburg v Bayer Leverkusen ko 14:30 SAT WON + 1.2pts

UNDER 2.5 Goals 1pt @ 2.2 Corals

Bor Dortmund v Bayern Munich ko 17:30 SAT




Manchester Utd v Chelsea ko SUN 16:00

MAN UTD WIN 2pts @ 2.25 Generally available



Napoli v Inter ko 19:45 SUN

UNDER 2.5 Goals 1pt @ 2.38 BETVC


Portfolio Bets: Week End 26th – 28th April

Great week last week with 6 out of 7 winners and 9 pts profit.

As we come to the end of the leagues where I but up my bets I am planning to wind it down for 2 reasons. Firstly, it’s silly season. There are too many games that mean nothing, so it becomes dangerous. Secondly, I don’t think many of you use these selections. I hardly get any feedback about them, except for a couple of you. It takes a lot of effort to post them. So I am asking what’s the point? Over the past couple of months they stand at 18.49 pts profit from 43 bets. At the odds I use I reckon that’s very good. Anyway, here’s my bets



Hoffenheim v Nurnberg ko SAT 14:30

Nurnberg DNB 1 pt@2.8 BetVC

Dusseldoff v Bor Dortmund ko SAT 17:30

Bor Dortmund WIN in Match Odds 2pts @ 1.73 William Hill

La Liga

Levante v Celta Vigo ko SAT 15:00

Levante WIN in Match Odds 1pt @ 2.2 Paddy Power

Espanyol v Granada ko SUN 11:00

Espanyol WIN in Match Odds 1 pt @ 2 William Hill

Sociedad v Valencia ko SUN 20:00

Sociedad WIN in Match Odds 1pt @ 2.38 Stan James

Premier League

Chelsea v Swansea ko SUN 15:00

Under 2.5 goals 1pt@2.6 BetVC

Serie A

Cagliari v Udinese ko SAT 17:00

Cagliari WIN in Match Odds 1pt @3.6 BET365/BetVC

Chievo v Genoa ko SUN 14:00

Chievo WIN in Match Odds 1 pt @ 2.62 William Hill

Palermo v Inter ko SUN 14:00

Inter WIN in Match Odds 1pt @3.3 BetVC


Frustrating week that gave a small loss of 1.8 points. I should have added the bent game of Atalanta v Bologna to guarantee a couple a couple of points profit 🙂

port week  28th april


Portfolio Bets: 19th – 22nd April: Added Review

Last week was without doubt a disaster.Lets hope for some better luck this week!

Update: It was better 6/7 gives us a profit of 9.08 pts!


Bor, Monchengladbach v Ausberg ko FRIDAY 19:30

Monchengladbach WIN  1 pt @ 2.45 VCBet  WON +1.45 pts


Swansea v Southampton ko Sat 15:00

Swansea WIN 1 pt @ 2.34 (various) LOST – 1pt

Spurs v Man City ko Sun 13:30

Spurs DNB 1 pt @ 2.38 Corals  WON +1.38 Pts

La Liga

Deportivo v Alt Bilbao ko Sun 16:00

Under 2.5 Goals 1 pt @ 2.15 VCBet WON +1.15

Seire A

Genoa v Atalanta ko Sat 17:00

BTTS “YES” 1pt @ 2 William Hill WON +1 pt

Udinese v Lazio ko Sat 19:45

Udinese WIN 2 pts @ 2.45 William Hill WON + 2.9 pts

Inter v Parma ko Sum 11:30

Inter WIN 2pts @ 2.1 VCBet WON +2.2 pts

port small 21st  april


Portfolio Bets: Weekend 12th -15th April

A very quiet weekend. As I said last week the back end of the season has so many “meaningless matches”. A bit of a set back last week after the banker Man Utd let us down.

Here’s this weeks bets:

Premier League:

Everton v QPR ko Sat 15:00

BTTS “YES” 1 pt @ 1.95 VCBET

Everton wins 2-0 LOSS 1pt

La Liga:

Levante v Deportivo ko SAT 17:00

Levante Win 2pts @ 2.25 generally or 2.3 exchanges

Deportivo win 4-0 – incredible LOSS 2pts

Serie A:

Lazio v Juventus ko MON: 19:45

Lazio DNB 2pts @ 3 VCBet, Hills, Bet365

Juventus win 2-0 LOSS 2pts


Schalke v Leverkusen ko SAT 17:30

Leverkusen 2-0 up until 71 minutes. Have a player sent off and a penalty 3 minutes from time ends 2-2. I traded out my liability at 0-2 so no damage but LOSS 1pt

Leverkusen win. 1 pt @ 3.2 Betdaq

Stuttgart v Mgladbach ko SUN 14:30

Over 2.5 goals 1pt @ 2.25 VCBet

2-0 after 34 minutes I took out my liability at 1.23. Ended 2-0 LOSS 1pt

Very poor weekend, how much was due to end of season results, bad luck or poor decisions when choosing the bets I don’t know. I suspect poor decisions on my behalf. A loss of 7 pts this week takes the 4 week profit down to 9.41 pts. The point of value betting is it’s a long term game. The idea is if you are consistently getting good value you win in the long term. Setbacks like this are inevitable, just like willing every match is. It’s the long term view that’s important.

port results2 15th april

Portfolio Trades: Weekend 5th-8th April

This weekends Portfolio Bets:


Nurnburg v Mainz: ko. Sun 14:30

BET: Mainz DNB 2 pts @ 2.2 VCBet LOST

Hamburg v Freiburg ko Sat 17:30

BET: Freiburg 1 pt win @ 3.25 Ladbrokes WON

Serie A:

Sampdoria v Palermo ko Sun 14:00

BET: Over 2.5 Goals. 1pt@ 2.45 VCBet WON

Fiorentina v Milan ko. 11:30 Sun

BET: Over 2.5 Goals 1pt @ 1.98 Pinnacle WON

La Liga:

Getafe v Ath Madrid ko Sun 18:00

BET: Getafe win 2pts @ 4.04 Pinnacle LOST

Real Sociedad v Malaga ko 15:00 Sat

BET: Malaga DNB 2pts @4 Coral/VCBet LOST


Man Utd v Man City ko MON 20:00

BET: Man Utd Win 3pts @ 2.3 LOST

Stoke v Aston Villa ko Sat 15:00

BET: Over 2.5 pts  1pt @ 2.25 William Hill WON

Good luck if you get involved- MG


Disappointing week with a 3.07 points loss. It all came down to Man Utd. Which I still think was a great value bet. These things happen. The long term game is what’s important.

port week4

Portfolio Bets Review 31st March

The first match to get underway was Inter v Juventus. This was always going to be a tough one. Advised at 2.45 – It drifted out to 2.8 on Betfair and 2.7 on VCBet. Juventus scored after 3mins. This put us on the back foot from the start. Inter equalised after 54 mins. I though we were in with a shout. Unfortunately this was short lived as Juve got a 2nd and held on until the end. A loss of 2 pts.

The “Banker” of the week was Bayer Leverkusen away to Dusseldorf. I said in my initial analysis that I thought we were getting 10/11 for a 4/9 shot. After taking the lead after 22 mins I was disappointed to see it 1-1 at HT. I didn’t take too long for Leverkusen to find their rhythm after the break. It ended 1-4. A profit of 2.73 points

The other Bundesliga match was Freiburg v Borussia MGB. 0-0 at HT I feared the worst. My fears were founded as it ended 2-0, with the 2nd goal coming in injury time. These bets are based on value. They sometimes lose. This is such an occasion. A Loss of 2 pts

On to La Liga where we had 2 matches Continue reading

Monthly Review.

Things move so fast in blogland. I started writing the blog in the middle of February, so this is the first full month.

The blog has had 7,500 visits and 16,500 page views in March. I launched a few new ideas into the blog this month. The Portfolio Bets, Polls and The “Inside track” bulletin. The Racing trades were stopped, and then started again after the Betfair crash on 9th March. I launched my YouTube channel and started to record some trading videos. Continue reading

Portfolio Bets Weekend 29th March- 1st April

Three weeks in for the Portfolio bets and 3 weeks of profit. Currently standing at 13.15 points it’s been a great start. I am mindful that as the season draws to an end, we are coming to a point where some matches have no meaning whatsoever. Teams that have no chance of Euro qualification or are not involved in a relegation tussle. The Spanish and Italian leagues are of particular concern. We are not quite there yet, I hope to squeeze a few more weeks profit out first.

This Weekends Bets
Premier League:

Aston Villa v Liverpool: K.O  13:30 Sunday

Villa have been woeful, but there have been signs of a revival. Liverpool as so inconsistent. The tipping point for this bet is the midweek World Cup matches. Most of the Liverpool squad have been spread all over the World. This travelling must have an impact. This is a value call.

Bet: Aston Villa – Draw No Bet. (DNB) Stake 1pt Corals @ 4 is by far the best price.


Freiburg v Borussia Monchengladbach  K.O. Sat 14:30

I have the 3 season average for these grade of team at 1.53. The more recent last 10 games average is 1.73. The last 3 H2H matches show that 2/3 had more than 2.5 goals. I think we are getting enough advantage in value to take this on.

Bet: Over 2.5 Goals. Stake: 2 pts @ 2.12 with Pinnacle

Dusseldorf v Bayer Leverkusen K.O.  Sat: 14:30

Leverkusen are very strong against the weakest grade D teams as you would expect. Only 1 defeat in the last 10 matches and 7 victories. I think we getting 10/11 for what is a true 4/9 chance.

Bet: Bayer Leverkusen Away win in Match Odds Market. 3 pts @ 1.91 Corals

La Liga

Vallacano v Malaga K.O. Sat 15:00

Malaga have only been beaten twice in the last 10 matches against similar graded opposition . The re is actually value in a straight away win. But erring on the side of caution I have decided to go with a DNB call for Malaga.

Bet: Malaga DNB: Stake 1 pt @3.5 Corals

Levante v Sevilla K.O 21:00 Sat

The last 10 Levante home games against similar graded opposition has seen them lose twice.  Sevilla have  managed only 1 away in 10 against similar a similar grade. I think a DNB @ 2.55 is generous.

Bet: Levante DNB 2 pts @ 2.55 VCBet.

Serie A

Inter v Juventus

The top game in Serie A this weekend, if not Europe. Bothe these teams are A grade. When playing Grade A teams at home Inter have won 5/10. Where Juventus have managed to win on 3/10 away. I have this at 2.12 on my 3 season sheet and 2.38 for the last 10 grade v grade matches. The match odds from Inter are 3.54. I like the DNB option as it gives a little insurance, at 2.45  we are getting the draw for free. It may not give spectacular gains, but a slow steady drip of profits while protecting your bank is smart betting.

Bet: Inter DNB: Stake 2pts @ 2.45 with VCBet

BetForm Pro

Portfolio Bets Week End 15th -17th March – Review Added

Into our 3rd week of the Portfolio bets. Winning weeks of 4.1 & 4.82 points have set the bar high. This week I added another new bet into the Portfolio; Under / Over 2.5 goals. There is a guide to how this bet is structured HERE.

The bets are in by League, so watch out for K.O times as they are spread out all over the weekend. All match K.O. times are GMT.

Serie A

Napoli v Atalanta  Betfair/ Betdaq say KO is 2:00pm Sunday- Oddschecker say it’s 19:46 Sunday. I don’t know which is correct.

BET:  BTTS “YES”  -Stake 2 pts @ 2.15  – best price now is Ladbrokes 2.15 may get better on exchanges later on into WE

Review: Well we only had to wait 32 mins to land this one. Ended 3-2

Roma v Parma KO. 19:45 Sun

BET: UNDER 2.5: Stake 1pt. @ 2.39 Pinnacle ( A must have account) No limits, they let you win Betdaq are 2.43, but gappy so may get better

Review: An early goal had me nervous, but as the game wore on was feeling more confident, a 2nd goal at 70 mins had me sweating for 20+ mins. Finished 2-0

Torino v Lazio KO 19:45 Sun

BET: BTTS “NO” – Stake 2pts @ 1.91 Paddy Power 1.98 Betdaq (may get better)

Review: 1-0. A early red card for Lazio and a late goal for Torino


Nurnburg v Shalke KO 14:30 Sat

BET: BTTS “YES” – Stake 3pts@1.73 Stan James. 1.72 Betdaq but bigger if queue money

Review: When I was looking at this match I thought there were goals. I had BBTS at 1.73 and Over 2.5 at 1.91. I though it a safer bet to go for BTTS. I got it wrong. It was 3-0

Bayer Leverkusen v Bayern Munich KO Sat 17:30

BET: UNDER 2.5 goals Stake:1 pt @ 2.1 Pinnacle 2.12 Betdaq

Review: 1st Goal just before HT. The at 70 mins odds we 1.2. I considered trading some out. Missed that and at 75 mintues it went 1-1. I knew we were in danger then I stuck in a bet at 1.15 in the last 6 mins. I had 50p matched when the 3rd goal went in. Own goal at 87 minutes. Grrrrrrr. Close but no cigar

Borussia Dortmund v Freiburg KO Sat 14:30

BET: HT/FT:  Bor.Dort/ Bor.Dort (Home/Home) Stake: 3pts @ 2.05 BetVC, 2.06 Betfair, 2.03 Betdaq

Review: On 41 minutes and Dortmund 1 -0 down I feared the worst. At hT it was 3-1! Phewwww, That’s all my good luck used up for the week. Ended 5-1

La Liga

Malaga v Espanyol KO Sun 11:00am

BET: OVER 2.5 Goals: Stake: 2pts @2.1 Various, 2.17 Betdaq

Review: A goalless first half and 2 2nd half goals left us a goal short. 0-2

Premier League

Tottenham v Fulham KO Sun 15:00

BET: UNDER 2.5 Goals: Stake: 1 pt @ 2.3 Pinnacle Betfair 2.42

Review: Who would have been brave enough to call unders on this game? 0-1

Total 15 pts staked – Good luck if you play

Total profit this week +4.23 points – Total since start (3 weeks) +13.15 points

All my bets are sourced using BetFormPro

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