Racing Trades, Preview Video & Evening Review 10th April


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I have money in the queues at all these prices. If ALL of my money is not matched the trade goes down as no trade. If it goes significantly lower, I will cancel the trade if the momentum goes against it.

Back Trades

2:40 Nottingham: Moviesta: 4/1/ 4.7 stop loss 5.9

4:00 Lingfield: A Ladies Man: 3/1 4.0 stop loss 5.0

5:20 Catterick: Knightly Escapade 7/2 4.7 – Stop loss 5.9

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That complets the trades:
Preview Video

Evening Review:

I cannot tell you how frustrated I am today, first up was Moviesta at Nottingham, in truth it didn’t do much. I closed at scratch. No harm done.

The 2nd runner was A Ladies Man at Lingfield. This drifted badly, straight past the stop loss at 5 and even hit 6!. Then  was aggressively back right in to fav and 3.6 at the off. What should have been a profit ended in a max loss.

The 3rd runner should have been a real flyer once it’s main danger Annas Arch was withdrawn. It moved in a few ticks for a small profit. A disappointing and frustrating day overall.

Video Preview: Highs and Lows

2:00 Lingfiled: Archeloa: Caught my eye but wasn’t strong enough. 7.8 into 4.8 WON
2:10 Nottingham: Elhaame: 1.62 weak out to 2.1 Stepping Ahead 5.8 into 3.5 WON
2:20 Catterick: Ridgeblade 11.5 – 8.4 (2.22 in play)
2:30 Lingfield: Custom House: 6.8 – 11. I managed to get out with a small profit before it started to drift – Qeethaara went from 4.3 into 4 WON
2:50 Catterick: Polar Kite The strongest horse in the race by far. 2.9 into 2.35 WON
3:00 Lingfield: Dark Lane: I expected this to be strong. It wasn’t 2.84 out to 3. I though Desert Strike might be the danger. 5 out to 6.8 WON
3:20 Catterick. I spoke about Glennridding being a front runner. He was taken on an never got to the front.
3:30 Lingfield: King Bertie 2.84 “An uneasy favourite” out to 4.6! Lionheart “interesting runner” 7.2 into 5.1 2nd
3:40 Nottingham. “The 2nd and 3rd fav may be pushing Sir Graham Wade out : 2.64 out to 3.4
4:20 Catterick: I talked about Hugh Taylors selections drifting. 5.9 out to 8.8 – place market followed Place SP 2.57 so very tradable.
4:30 Lingfield: Another Cocktail was the Richard Hughes runner, he had had a previous winner, my thoughts were there would be doubles and trebles rolling up on him so be aware of it. I said he was strong and could see no opposition. 1.94 into 1.58 WON. A massive move.
4:40 Nottingham Singersongwriter. I though this would stay strong 1.86 – 1,95/ But traded well below 1.86 as it went up and down several times pre race.
4:50 Catterick: Another Hugh Taylor runner Arizona John 5.4 – 9.4 Place SP 2.42
5:00 Lingfield: Refreshtheparts. Another Hughes runner – 2 winners so far 2.52 – 2.04 WON. I said Yojojo was weak. that went from 2.68 out to 2.9
5:10 Nottingham: Standing Bear 9.8 but only £400 traded drifted like it had no legs at all to 17. The “popular” jockeys were backed in. Ryan Mooores’ horse went from 3.5 into 2.84

A pretty successful day I reckon for the preview video.